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Virtual Machine Software

Virtual Machine Software:

Virtual Machine Software is a software that allows you to run multiple OS installs on the same computer or workstation by making virtualization for different operating systems simple.
Users are allowed to run different operating systems on their home PC, such as running Windows on a Mac, or running Linux on a Windows PC and vice versa for personal use by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Virtual Machine Software:

The Virtual Machine Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Malware cannot run properly in a virtualized environment and will shut down if it is detected.
  • It allows you to run those applications that are not available due to very different system requirements.
  • A substitute for a real machine can be facilitated as they mimic computer architectures and offer the same functionality as a physical computer.
  • Performance issues can be fixed and optimized. The tools that you need to fix virtualization issues can be provided by the Performance monitor.
  • Critical VM performance issues such as memory ballooning, phantom snapshot files, datastore latency and high CPU utilization can be notified by a customized dashboard equipped with alerts.
  • Your dashboard alerts can be customized at different layers of your Hyper-V infrastructure, including cluster, host, and VM.
  • Critical warning messages and recommended actions for identifying root causes, solving issues, and managing the performance of your environment can be provided by the preconfigured dashboard alerts.
  • As a comprehensive, all-encompassing view of shared storage and silos can be provided, critical storage metrics such as read or write, IOPs, and throughput can be measured.
  • Storage contention issues can be addressed at cluster, host, and virtual machine levels at the right time to avoid both slow applications and additional hours of work.
  • One or more objects can beplaced in conversation with each other on a dependency map and all related objects can be instantly seen.
  • A full historical account of configuration data and infrastructure relationships can be provided so that historical dependencies from a specific time can be identified.
  • A unique VM Sprawl dashboard built can be included by the Virtualization Manager to provide recommendations for which resources are over and under allocated for CPU and memory. So, you will be able to reclaim storage from idle and powered-off machines.
  • Backup storage requirements can be reduced, and significantly speed up backups and restores. Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) through CDP and replication can be significantly reduced.
  • All your Hyper-V and VMware hosts can be monitored and managed from a single console.
  • As intuitive user interface making it easy to configure, there is no need to dig deep to find hidden settings.
  • Task for all your Hyper-V and VMware guest VMs across all hosts can be easily controlled, configured and monitored through a single console.
  • All your backup or restore jobs can be remotely managed and configured.
  • You can queue up backup or restore jobs and move on to the next item on your list.
  • The Cloud Management Console can be provided which is an online console to manage and control all your backups.
  • Individual Files and Exchange emails can be instantly restored directly from a VM backup.
  • An individual or a group of VMs can be restored to a different host or cloned VMs.
  • Offsite copies can be saved to a local drive, UNC share, to single or multiple locations or multiple offsite remote locations.
  • You can get your business up and running in seconds, by switching to your offsite replica in case of disaster by improved Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

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