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Utility Management Systems Software

Utility Management Systems Software:

Utility Management Systems Software is a software that is used by electric, gas, water, sewer and waste management companies to run all aspects of their operations, from billing to customer outreach.
A superior customer relationship management can be integrted with their day-to-day business process requirements by uising this software.

Features and Benefits of Utility Management Systems Software:

The Utility Management Systems Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Finance, billing, human capital, equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets can be managed while driving improved productivity.
  • The software help reduce costs with integrated analytics and increase policy compliance.
  • Full-cycle asset management can be used for utilities that focus on reliability, sustainability, and risk management.
  • Reliability and safety compliance can be enabled. Predictive asset analysis can be leveraged to improve performance and longevity.
  • Asset investment decision support and prioritization can be provided.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning can be developed for critical assets.
  • It adhere to regulatory compliance for NERC and CIP.
  • A digital operations platform can be leveraged to meet modern customer demands. AI can be used to identify inefficiencies and automate workflows.
  • Business systems can be consolidated to facilitate holistic financial planning.
  • It can be connected to a commerce network to track supply chain transactions. Teams and applications can be connected across the enterprise.    
  • Higher levels of service and satisfaction can be delivered by providing improved customer experience and transparency.
  • Business intelligence can be leveraged for improved service. A customer self-service suite can be provided with configurable portals and mobility.
  • The entire meter-to-cash billing process can be enhanced.
  • Delinquency and collections management can be improved.
  • You will be able to keep talent engaged and motivated with modern, talent management, robust self-service, and a connected workforce.
  • Timely data can be accessed through role-based dashboards. Resource allocation and scheduling can be maximized.
  • Mobile access can be provided for field service and outage management.
  • Employees can be developed through personalized plans, behavioral insights, and performance management.
  • High availability, data security, and elasticity can be achieved with modern utilities software.
  • A scalable and secure cloud solution can be used with authorization.
  • Industry concerns, including NIST, ITAR, CMMC, NERC, and more can be met.
  • Risks can be reduced with disaster recovery, continuous monitoring, and mitigation.
  • Fraudulent transactions and segregation of duties (SOD) can be identified with embedded GRC controls.
  • Lawful and best-practice policies and procedures can be ensured.  
  • Accurate and automatically measurements for each utility operation can be provided.
  • The software  software assists companies in managing, monitoring, analyzing and creates a report on consumption.
  • Utility bills of yearly, monthly or day-basis can be created and internal cost can be calculated and allocated.   
  • As you can set alert and warning for consumption, you will receive an alert & notification when consumption is overdone.
  • You can identify 'what you are not using or how to improve in your property and what are other alternatives options' when you track your business energy utilization and you can make more effective decisions on the best way to minimize the expenses of energy in your business with the correct information.
  • You can reduce your monthly bills by tracking and monitoring business energy utilization.
  • Meters can be configured according to ascending or descending readings.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly schedules can be created to record meter readings for assets or sites.  
  • Recording times as well as when the users should receive alerts to input the meter readings can be specified.
  • Single or multiple meters can be added for assets or locations.    
  • Confidence can be gained in efficient, long-term, and ever-evolving compliance

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