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Transactional Email Software

Transactional Email Software:

Transactional email software is a software that sends emails in response to pre-established actions taken by recipients.

Some facts about Transactional Email Software:


  • Email notifications are send in response to users' actions. For example a welcome email after creating a new social media account, an email receipt from an e-commerce transaction, or an email for a new newsletter subscription.
  • These tools are used by organizations for automating personalized emails as transactions occur.
  • Transactional email software can be used by teams to track metrics such as emails sent, received, opened, and bounced.
  • Customer retention, sales, marketing, and public relation teams can benefit from this tool.
  • Transactional email software can be integrated with various software, such as CRM, email marketing, and e-commerce products, to maximize the benefits to your business.
  • Transactional Email Software should provide automated email response tools and enable emails to be sent automatically as a result of action-based triggers.
  • Customized or personalized emails can be sent.
  • The software should be able to sync with business software such as e-commerce, social media, or other tools.
  • Administration tools are provided to track emails sent and received, as well as their results.
  • Transactional emails with information about the purchases and account activity can be send to your contact if you have an online store.
  • Transactional emails can only be send to one person at a time, and are limited in the type of content they can include
  • Transactional email are usually related to account activity or a commercial transaction that are sent from one sender to one recipient at a time.
  • It provides an update about an ongoing commercial transaction such as order confirmation, notification emails or subscription confirmation
  • Transactional email are sent after being triggered by a commercial transaction or event containg information that are specific to the commercial transaction that just took place. 
  • You need to be careful to consider applicable law before including any promotional content in a transactional email as an email that contains any promotional content will be considered as a marketing email which can only be sent to contacts who have opted in to receiving marketing messages and requires an unsubscribe mechanism in some jurisdictions.
  • The recipient will not continue to receive emails from you in the future that are not related to their transaction as these emails relate to a specific commercial transaction.
  • So, it is not required for the recipient to be subscribed to your email marketing in the first place.
  • Transactional emails require a purpose-built service as they are very different from marketing emails

Working of Transactional Email Software:


  • You can provide information that is uniquely relevant to the recipient by using a transactional email sotware.
  • Requested information can be provided or inormation about order status changes such as shipping notifications can be send.
  • An API or SMTP integration is generally used by the sotware to send emails.
  • Developer will have to set up a system that will send coded templates to specific recipients based on a specific action

Features of Transactional Email Software:


  • You can design and send a professional looking email even if you have never sent a transactional email before as you can pick from all the email templates available or you can design an email from scratch through the drag-and-drop editor.
  • You can add information that is only specific to your recipients such as their names, order numbers, and other related data with the dynamic content feature.
  • You will also be able to monitor your performance as you can see how many people engage your transactional emails and what you need to do more to boost your numbers even further.
  • A drag-and-drop interface is used in most Transactional Email Software to make transactional emails more accessible to people.
  • Text images, links, and other elements can be easily added using blocks that you can add or delete as necessary.
  • Collaboration tools can be offered that make it possible to work on an email at the same time.
  • Your emails for deliverability can be optimized by providing access to the company's email deliverability service experts.
  • You can closely track the open rates, clicks, unique clicks, and other such insights on the dashboard for analyzing effectiveness of a email engagement.
  • Emails can be delivered at lightening speed without fail for all your transactional emails, every single time.
  • Automated replies for password reset, payment confirmation, etc can be set.
  • Any API calls against your account can be tested to see how request looks like and how response will look.
  • Email engagements like email opens or clicks can be tracked at a glance on a single dashboard.
  • Inbuilt DNS tool are used to troubleshoot any domain errors and improve email delivery.
  • Recipient lists as well as your content can be managed
  • You can easily embed an email into your app, website, or products with API integration, so that you can have control over the features including the ability to customize templates, generate messages, and send emails.
  • Even legacy apps can work on the platform as the API feature uses SMTP.
  • Actions can be triggered when an email is opened, bounced, or clicked through using real-time webhooks (HTTP callbacks). 
  • Your recipients are protected against phishing scams by setting up DMARC.
  • Several email templates available orm which you can choose depending on which type of transactional email you need to send.
  • Libraries in different programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and C# are available.
  • Higher deliverability and a better sender reputation can be expected by using a Transactional Email Software that ofers flexible IP deployment along with email authentication options
  • The software also need to offer analytics feature that you can use to gauge the impact of the emails that you send out.
  • The features you will need to be able to communicate with recipients at scale can also be provided.
  • Shared, dedicated, or customer-owned IPs can be used to manage your sending reputation.
  • You can gauge your success by getting access to data like email deliverability, bounces, and feedback loop results. 

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