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Trade Promotion Management Software

Trade Promotion Management Software:

Trade Promotion Management Software is a software that is used by foodservice, CPG manufacturers and retailers of consumer packaged goods so that a share of the market can be gained and maintained by planning, executing and reviewing efforts.
Trade promotion management can be optimized by collaboratively planning at aggregate and detailed levels, and promotions, campaigns, and products can be easily added without delay by uisng this software.

Features and Benefits of Trade Promotion Management Software:

The Trade Promotion Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Flexible models can be adjusted and calculated to match your evolving needs by promotion planners.
  • Planning of trade promotion spending with distributor and end customer demand signals can be accurately aligned across all product, geography and time periods.
  • Cross-enterprise promotions alignment can be enabled. Top-down as well as bottom-up trade promotion planning and analysis can be performed so that P&L data delivering actionable insight can be incorporated into promotions spending for different company organizations.
  • Trade promotion management workflow execution of approval tasks and tracking can be streamlined.
  • Trade promotion planning margins can be increased as you can allocate promotions spending effectively across the enterprise by tracking promotions spending and promotion ROI across historical and actual data.
  • Zero-latency reports and dashboards can be genertaed on all demand plans, forecast KPIs, and actuals. Hhighly interactive reporting and analysis can be enabled on promotion data.
  • Any master data in real time for new products, customers, and promotions can be easily created and modified by end users
  • As insights can be provided into effective trade promotion spending, organizations can increase the amount of promotions that result in positive ROI.
  • Trade spending can be alligned with promotions which can help drive overall revenue while decreasing trade spending.
  • It can be ensured that your trade events are profitable and aligned to brand strategy as you can plan and manage overlapping event for products, customer, geographies and more.
  • Business reviews supported by analytics can be conducted that help you identify opportunities or risks along with post-event analysis, without waiting for a lagging report or overnight data refresh.
  • Trade visibility can be improved on year-to-date and year-to-go forecasts with Live Plan Actualization.
  • Retailer specific P&L and scorecards tailored to retailers' metrics can be enabled.
  • Volume can be measured by base and incremental measures that consider distribution, new items, pricing and other factors.
  • Future promotions can be accurately predicted with dynamic scenario planning and embedded TPO.
  • Alignment to corporate objectives with promotional guardrail functionality broadcast can be ensured through automated alerts.
  • Collaborative sales and operational planning process can be supported.
  • Real time visibility into the latest estimates across sales, finance, marketing, demand and supply planning can be provided.
  • Productivity and collaboration can be improved through automation that incorporates the latest forecasts in real time.
  • Guidelines can be developped, trade funds can be allocated, objectives can be set up and compliance can be monitored from a single solution.
  • Service levels and forecast accuracy can be improved with supporting workflows and alerts.
  • Day-to-day operations can be managed with reporting functions.
  • It helps you plan, allocate, execute, settle and analyze your trade spend with a set of intuitive and easy-to-use capabilities.
  • Visibility can be provided across your sales, finance, accounting, supply chain and marketing professionals.
  • All claiming errors can be identified and accurate payment can be ensured with rigorous audit processes.

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