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Public Works Software:

Public Works Software is a software that is used by organizations that oversee public works to manage data, assets, maintenance schedules, code compliance, labor, and materials cost.
A Public works software solution can be formed by seamlessly integrated with Work Orders, Service Requests, Fleet Maintenance, Asset Management and Job Costing.

Features and Benefits of Public Works Software:

The Public Works Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Managing work orders can be made easy and flexible. Department efficiency and employee productivity can be improved by shifting work to a planned, preventative maintenance program.
  • You will be able to reduce requests falling through the cracks with improved responsiveness and a systematic approach. Requested service can be tracked from creation, through to the work order and onto completion.
  • Your life can be made easier and more productive by Work, Requests, Assets, Map, Inventory and Inspect functionalities provided by Mobile app.
  • You will find everything you need to track data on job costing, work performed, and the equipment, materials and manpower used in Asset management.
  • You can instantly map any appropriate data held in PubWorks by the built-in GIS functions of the MapViewer. With the help of MapViewer you can map Assets, Requests, Work Orders, Cost Data and more.
  • The details of your work orders can be tracked in one place. You can easily customized to your processes. Specifics on location, work descriptions, departments, and man-hours can be tracked.
  • It is possible to create and complete work orders out in the field, as well as upload pictures of the work completed by you as the software can be accessible by any mobile device.
  • Vehicle conditions, locations, age, drivers, fuel usage, maintenance schedules can be tracked, and replacement recommendations can be provided. Reporting on all vehicles is easy as fields can be customized so that the specifics you need can be shown by your report.
  • The life of buildings and equipment can be extended by keeping you up to date on each asset's management and maintenance. Buildings, elevators, HVAC, treatment plants, pump stations, substations, and any other asset can be tracked and reported.
  • Locations of inlets, drains, lines, sumps can be tracked with our web-based map. Maintenance scheduling is easy to initiate as well as a full maintenance history can be viewed. your agency’s MS4 compliance and permits can be tracked. Work Management can be connected to easily create work orders attached to stormwater assets.
  • Locations and maintenance history for each asset, including lines, manholes, and outlets can be tracked. You can also schedule work and inspections, track labor hours and more.
  • Reports can be run within seconds on your data to see how your budget is being used and to make decisions to be more cost-effective.
  • Your money can be saved by preventing breakage with scheduling maintenance. The life of your water assets can be prolonged by keeping up-to-date the water systems inspections and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • All of your road segments can be tracked and different types of distress surveys including walking, automated or visual can be used. Existing GIS data can be imported and users can be provided with all the essential GIS functions. The map can be used by everyone in the organization.
  • You can easily plot a new sign or locate the best route for inspections by using an interactive map. MUTCD ratings, sign & support conditions, work order history, and remaining service life can be tracked. Effective sign management can be ensured so you have more time for other matters.
  • The information can be exported to an Excel, Word, or PDF document making it easy to send reports directly to the reporting software. Work completed, materials used and overall costs caused by hurricanes, fire, flooding, or other natural disasters can be easily tracked.
  • Your employees time can be saved by letting citizens upload all types of potential problems, everything from potholes & water leaks to cracked sidewalks. Then the requests can be easily be exported into a new work order.
  • Your day to day process can be simplified. The information you provide for one application can be transfered seamlessly into another with relational data tables, which saves your agency time & ensures efficiency.

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