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Public Transportation Software:

Public Transportation Software is a software that is used by government agencies that oversee public transportation systems  to manage operations, infrastructure, and their environmental impact, and to ensure compliance with public transport regulations.

Features and Benefits of Public Transportation Software:

The Public Transportation Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The  software helps manage timetables and ticketing, driver assignments, route planning including detours, and passenger safety and security.
  • Maintenance for buses, trains, and other transit vehicles can also be managed by the software.
  • Geolocation tracking can be utilized to ensure both administrators and riders can access real-time data about vehicle status.
  • The software can be used by transportation agencies to manage on-demand and paratransit dispatch operations to serve residents with disabilities who require ADA-compliant access to public transit.
  • The costs of these on-demand transport operations and maintenance, as well as the passenger satisfaction and comfort can be tracked and improved.
  • A complete set of features and functions for administrative operations and back-office maintenance, such as accounting or computerized asset management can be provided. It can also be integrated with solutions that handle those tasks.
  • Features for passenger flow tracking and simulation can be offered.
  • It can also be linked with POS terminals to facilitate the sale of tickets.
  • One centralized platform can be provided for a city's entire public transportation operations as mobility as a service (MaaS) solutions continue to gain traction.
  • The software can be designed to use by an agency that manages transportation systems within any locale.
  • One or more operational functions related to fixed route or on-demand public transportation services can be managed.
  • Riders are allowed to access fixed route schedules or request on-demand transportation, or integrate with solutions that do so.
  • Custom end-to-end public transportation software solutions can be developed that include fixed and fluid transit planning applications, public transportation mapping interfaces, public transportation ERP applications, Passenger Information Systems and sophisticated payment solutions.
  • Public transportation scheduling software can be developed by integrating transportation routing programs, Positive Train Control software, and traffic and accident report systems to reduce unsafe travel.
  • Business intelligence systems can be designed that can be coordinated with public transportation telematics software to ensure regulation compliance and track real-time location, speed, mileage, rolling stock and inventory, and fuel consumption.
  • GPS, GIS, and on-site arrival and departure time recording can be configured to post estimated times of arrival in real time to back-office dashboards and public transportation Passenger Information Systems (PIS) like platform signage and phone applications so that traveler capacity efficiency can be improved.
  • Custom development of Paratransit and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software solutions, including client-scheduling systems, route optimization modules, trip-editing platforms, communication portals and automated compliance checks can be provided.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) systems can be integrated with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software and self-service kiosk platform designs for automatic fare collection.  
  • Ancillary revenue can be increased and public transportation rider loyalty can be rewarded by providing features such as optimal public transit fare calculators and custom pricing strategy software.
  • Fleet management dashboards can be designed with features such as rental status, VINs, Return Authorization numbers, maintenance records, travel history, registration expirations, and telematics received by Vehicle Information Systems. Automated maintenance notifications and parts ordering can also be implemented.
  • A secure contract management platform can be developed to execute in-person rental agreements, customize forms, manage prospective customers, process no-shows, and terminate contracts. Integration solutions can also be provided with vehicle processing and receiving firmware for accelerated check-out.
  • Insurance rate systems can be developed for quoting personal accident insurance, personal effects coverage, supplemental liability protection, roadside assistance protection, and damage waivers. Third-party insurance platforms can also be integrated with the software for expedited claims processing and secure information transfers.

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