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Podiatry Software:

Podiatry Software is a software that is used by podiatrists to digitize their practice operations, automate scheduling, billing, and patient care.

Features and Benefits of Plastic Surgery Software:

The Plastic Surgery Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The specific needs of DPMs and podiatry clinics can be met by electronically storing patients' medical information that is gathered and managed by all the clinicians and staff involved in the treatment of the patient.
  • Pre-built podiatry progress note templates can be included in SOAP format for common procedures. This will help simplify the care delivery, documentation, and billing processes of Podiatry Clinics and easy documentation of pre and post operative care and specific content for patient evaluation, medication management, etc can be ensured.
  • Communication can be streamlined, administrative and financial tasks can be simplified, and physician and staffs productivity can be enhanced.
  • You can customize your Podiatry EHR platform and automate tedious tasks, avoid redundancy, and collect and report on data more easily.
  • Precious time and resources can be saved by seamless communication between your practice and labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring doctors. This allow you to maximize efficiency and increase income. You can become more responsive to the immediate needs of your patients and your Podiatry practice.
  • The efficiency of your medical practice can be improved by providing immediate access to patient clinical records and seamless collection and reporting of data and patient health information and customizing paperless statements and online bill pay options.
  • Coordination of care, referral management, patient engagement, and office efficiency can be improved by simplifying meaningful use.
  • Patient-friendly online appointment scheduling and appointment reminder feature can be facilitated.
  • Workflow can be automated with specialty specific templates, including intake forms, SOAP notes, lab orders, and more.
  • The required data can be exchanged effortlessly and without any errors by Practice Management software and EHR resulting in increased efficiency allowing you to focus more on the pressing needs of your patients.
  • Cashflow can be improved by accelerating the claim submission process and reduction in costs by reducing rework involved in dealing with claim rejections and denials as well.
  • Profits can be increased by eliminating the separation between the clinical and administrative sides of the practice, which hamper operational processes due to the use of time-wasting procedures.
  • Patient communication can be enhanced leading to improved continuity of care.
  • As creation of real time claims can be automated, your revenue cycle can be accelerated with charge codes crossing over from the EMR.
  • Performance tracking on quality measures can be simplified by the dashboard.
  • The software comes pre-loaded with treatment plans for new and returning patients, for common HPI complaints such as ankle sprain, bunion, ingrown nail, nerve entrapment, Achilles tendonitis, orthotics, neuroma, neuritis, planter fasciitis, bursitis, foot fracture, abscess, gout, verruca plantaris, and many more.
  • It also comes with physician-developed and tested Podiatry templates such as podiatry physical examinations including generic and routine foot exams, heel pain plantar, ulcer physical, and other that can be used as it is or be further customized according to your needs.
  • Generation of Worker's compensation reports as well as pre-op and post-op evaluation can also be included.
  • You and your staff can access all patient records and even document hospital rounds remotely and securely.
  • Staff productivity can be increased with intuitive search functionality to quickly retrieve patient data based on specific requests.
  • As it can be customized to your clinic's workflows, it can results in greater staff engagement, less disruption to routine and reduced risk of errors. All of these help your practice become more efficient.

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