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Medical Spa Software:

Medical Spa Software is a software that is used by medical spas to automate and manages health or medical spa operations.
The front-desk operation and daily activities such as Appointment Scheduling, Online Booking, Billing, Inventory Management, tracking Clients, Staffs, SMS and Email Marketing and Dynamic Customer Feedback System can be automated by using this software. The software can be used to streamline the processes and make the business more productive by managing clients, inventory, and marketing all in one place.

Features and Benefits of Medical Spa Software:

The Medical Spa Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • As all aspects of your business can be managed with the help of this software, it is easier for everyone in the company to be on board with the same technology and policies.
  • Virtual assistants or automated booking schedulers can also be used to free up your employees and have them focus on bigger projects.
  • An easy management of appointments, automated email, and SMS notifications, reporting, and analytics can be provided to perfectly fit into your medical spa.
  • The customers are allowed to book their appointment 24X7 from the software where they can either schedule, reschedule or cancel the appointment. The software can be used to fill in the empty seats and increase your profit rate.
  • The customer's payments can be processed from your scheduling software. You can get invoices, track daily sales, manage appointments, receipts and customer information with in a click.
  • Your key operations of spa can be automated and the stock levels can be managed adequately with scheduling software. The stock can be purchased, stored, tracked and controlled to increase your business profitability.
  • The record maintenance process of the employee can be streamlined in your spa to give a boost to its effectiveness. Everyday tasks can be made easy and quick by eliminating paper work. The data can be entered and accessed from anywhere.
  • The history of your customer can be monitored and a more personalized experience can be provided. The previous sales, appointment, photos, etc. of customer can be viewed and served accordingly.
  • The feedback of customer can be collected with the standard reporting and analyze what they feel. The spots can be found and an immediate, personalized and contextualized response can be provided with scheduling software.
  • You can quickly and easily promote your business and increase your revenue with a whole library of professionally designed templates.
  • Time can be saved and no-shows can be reduced with automated text or email reminders for upcoming appointments.
  • A client experience can be delivered by personalizing services based on client history, detailed notes, client photos, and previous purchases.
  • A loyalty program can be offered based on your preferred points or rewards system to attract and retain more clients.
  • You can automatically start syncing your products, services, packages, memberships, and gift cards with an easy one-time setup which help saving time, eliminating errors, and keep your accountant happy.
  • The progress of patient can be tracked and all important documents can be kept connected to their chart. You can compare Before and After Pictures and also store important patient documents.
  • Your to-do list can be consolidated and responsibilities can be coordinated with integrated task management. Company tasks can be managed in a central list and to-do's can be assigned to a single employee or to a department.
  • The status of patient can be tracked throughout their visit.

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