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PIM Software:

PIM Software is a software that is used by retailers, selling across multiple channels and marketplaces to reliably store, upload, and manage products across feeds.
Leveraging the right Product Information Management (PIM) software, you can saving time and avoid product micromanagement. The process of managing all data required to market and sell your products through different channels and marketplaces is known as product information management.

Features and Benefits of PIM Software:


  • The PIM Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:
  • You can centralize all product information in one place, distribute product data across multiple channels as well as rule and validation workflow creation for supplier data.
  • The product information of a business can be stored across multiple channels from a unified dashboard.
  • You will be able to upload, edit, and distribute SKU-level data across all of your ecommerce channels.
  • PIM software can also boost your overall data quality and product information accuracy by syncing your product data across platforms.
  • It help you to manage that information in a better way and stay organized, no matter how many SKUs you have or channels you sell through.
  • It act as the hub of product information, that pushes the data listed out to different sales channels.
  • The product information can be accessed easily on any channel by the customer, more sales can be genertaed by channel partners and sales teams and the centralized product data can be effectively managed by the manufacturer.
  • Digital product information can be delivered to retailers, dealers, sales teams, websites, customer portals, and social networks to facilitate customer purchase decisions and improve sales conversion.
  • Customer experience and engagement can be enhanced with rich product content such as images, videos, specifications, accessories, brochures, and knowledge.
  • Product content can be optimized to improve product discovery on the web and social channels, facilitate customer decision making, and integrate with lead generation and nurturing.
  • Team productivity can be improved by making it easier to synchronize, maintain, and share product content across all channels and retail partners.
  • Warranty processing costs can be reduced by streamlining processes, eliminating duplicate data entry, and automating claim adjudication.
  • Cycle time can be reduced for claim processing, parts return, supplier recovery, and identification of emerging issues.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be reduced with an easy-to-implement solution powered by scalable cloud architecture.
  • Revenues and profitability from maintenance, service, and parts can be increased.
  • Faster processing can be ensured by validating claims data and allowing richer content to be captured.
  • Manual efforts involved in claims entry can be reduced by integrating with service order systems.
  • All product content and information from multiple sources can be centralized for all product models to be a consolidated source of product information for users across all applications and sites.
  • Digital assets and multi-media files from internal teams, suppliers, and agencies can be uploaded and shared to engage and educate the customers about your products.
  • Multi-tiered Bill of Material (BOM) can be managed to help with product configuration and comparisons.
  • The product content delivery across multiple channels can be optimized with responsive web pages, native mobile apps, and standard web services.

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