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Personal Trainer Software:

Personal Trainer Software is a software that is used by personal trainers, coaches and gym owners to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes, while tracking their progress and achievements.
Fitness professionals can schedule and track workout sessions for their clients and collecting payments by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Personal Trainer Software:

The Personal Trainer Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Custom or group programs and nutrition plans can be delivered right to your clients or members by automating communication.
  • The progress of your client can be tracked in real time.
  • You will be able to build communities, celebrate, and engage with clients and members.
  • With integrated payments and one click automation you can effortlessly market your services, deliver fitness plans, manage clients or members, and get paid.
  • A connected fitness experience can be delivered for all your clients. Groups can be used to train multiple clients at once, or a community can be build for your clients and members.
  • The payment feature makes it easier to manage your client and member purchases and get paid fast.
  • For every client program that is created by you, an overall snapshot or individual details can be provided so that you can give your attention to clients who need it, and your coaching skills can be used to move them forward.
  • The workout data for each workout can be enetered by your client. So, a quality decisions can be made about their next progression with easy to see training data at your fingertips.
  • A complete picture view of a month in the past or in advance can be provided, so that you will be able to know what your clients did or need while you are designing which enables you to fast track design, creation, and delivery.
  • Self Branded Video Exercise Demos can be provided as your own videos can be created and uploaded to the software to get auto-link. It can also use the library of pre-loaded strength and conditioning exercise videos.
  • Your clients will be able to quickly log their workouts, review past results, post comments, or ask you questions from the mobile app.
  • All of your coaching videos can be stored privately within the software, or link directly to videos hosted on other channels to create your own video library.
  • You will never lose track of a message or miss an important client conversation as all coach-to-client communication is kept in one place.
  • You and your clients can easily log results and make progress towards specific goals over time as both exercise history and metrics can be tracked.
  • All of your clients and their workouts can be managed in one place. Adding new clients, delivering personalized workout plans, tracking progress, and staying on top of communication can be made easier.
  • Your clients can be automatically notified of upcoming workouts ahead of time. It can also be reminded when upcoming client workouts are due, so that your clients are never left waiting.
  • The programs can be written once, and then it can be customized for each client without having to recreate the program every time.
  • High-level macro goals can be assigned and progress can be measured on a per-client basis over time. Your clients' macronutrient intake can be tracked and graph their progress in one place.
  • New coaches can be invited to your team, your exercise library and programs can be shared, and your coaching business can be scaled to new levels.
  • Your account can be customized with your logo and colors as a selection of custom color schemes can be offred that makes it easy to configure the software to match your branding.

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