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Museum Software:

Museum Software is designed to streamline museum operations, from managing art inventory and ticket sales to overseeing gift shops, scheduled tours, and exhibits.

Features and Benefits:

Art Inventory Management:
Track and document artwork, generate detailed inventory reports, and showcase art online.
Organization and Documentation:
Organize, document, share, and safeguard your art collection efficiently.
Advanced Provenance Tracking:
Includes advanced provenance tracking, multi-user support, and accessibility on any device.
Centralized Collection Database:
Centralize collection details, images, and financial documents for efficient art collection management.
Comprehensive Art Inventory Management:
Manage art inventory, track locations, log insurance and maintenance records, record purchases, donations, and appraisals.
Virtual Exhibitions:
Create virtual exhibitions, share artworks with the community, and catalog images and documents.
Enterprise-level Security:
Utilizes enterprise-level security and servers to ensure the highest level of encryption, security, and stability.
Data Export and Professional Reports:
Export data into clean, downloadable files, and generate professional reports with access to a team of support professionals.
Complimentary Data Import:
Save time with complimentary data import, facilitating a smooth transition to a new account or process.
Comprehensive Data Capture:
Capture and manage all data related to your collection, including object information, records for people and organizations, cross-referenced across modules.
Configurable Collection Terms:
Track collection terms accurately with easily configurable attributes and a dynamic, integrated thesaurus.
Multilingual Support:
Supports multiple languages, allowing instant searches and complex searches to find specific items.
Exhibition Planning:
Efficiently plan and manage exhibitions, seamlessly integrating with Loans and Shipping modules for a comprehensive view of upcoming shows.
Event Tracking:
Track an unlimited range of events, cross-referenced with other modules, and organize complex workflows intuitively.
Pre-configured Reports:
Access pre-configured reports for loan agreements, catalogue texts, condition reports, and exhibition checklists, with customizable report building services.
Digital Asset Management (DAM):
Delivers full DAM functionality, creating new media records, importing metadata, controlling image access, and managing document transcriptions.
Accessibility and Integration:
Access data anytime, anywhere, with integration capabilities with industry-standard database management systems and adherence to international standards.
Insurance Policy Management:
Easily track and manage insurance policies, set up automatic renewal alerts, and simplify the management of outgoing and incoming loans.
Shipping Simplification:
Simplify shipping by creating plans, reports, and receipts within the software, with additional information about geographical locations and buildings related to the collection.

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