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Visitor Management Systems

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Visitor Management Systems:

A visitor management system is a tools used to tracks the usage of a business, public building, or site by  processing and monitoring the guests.
The performance of a visitor management system range from basic, like log books, to more advanced software systems that can be integrated with options like surveillance cameras, biometric scanners and lists of unwelcome guests.
These systems can be used to complement building security systems and access control systems as visitor tracking provides a record of building use.  A Visitor Management systems give you control over the guests accessing your facilities, which help to keep those facilities safe and secure.

Types of Visitor Management Systems:

Visitor Management Systems can be either managed by pen and paper, computer or electronic means .

Pen and Paper Visitor Management Systems:

The basic information about visitors to a public building or site is recorded in a log book by a pen and paper visitor management system. Name of the visitor, reason for the visit, date, check in and check out times are usually entered as basic information. The main advantage of this system is low cost and minimal training requirement. However, a pen and paper visitor management system has many disadvantages from the security and usage point of view. A visitors badges has rarely any photo identification and can easily be swapped from person to person. Each visitor's credentials has to be checked by the security personnel and manually initiate any further security checks. Either manually re-entering logbook information in a computer or keeping the logbook in storage is required for documentation.

Computer Visitor Management Systems:

A computer network is used to monitor and record visitor information for a basic computer or electronic visitor management system. With increase in processing power, digital video and information gathering technology, these systems now provide the facilities like added photo ID capability, database searching, automatic door access and other functions.
The advantages of Computer Visitor Management Systems include:

  • Visitor ID is searchable in national and local databases, as well as in-house databases to checked against potential security problems.
  • Searchable visitor information databases can be included in the software.
  • Photo ID cards can be custom printed.

The disadvantages of Computer Visitor Management Systems include:

  • Electronics visitor management systems are more expensive than a pen and paper system.
  • Proper training is required for the security personnel and building staff to get familiar with the system.
  • The information accessed, gathered and retained both at the national level and at the level of the end-user increases, additional security measures to protect the information.

Touchless Visitor Management System:

Touchless Visitor Management System provides the feature of touchless check-ins for both employees & guests to check-in safely, reducing the risk of infections. The digital check-in for employees and visitors eliminate the hectic paperwork. The the touchless check-in process is digitized by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signatures all in a few taps on the screen. The features of Touchless Visitor Management System include:

  • The information that you wish to take from your visitors can be customized as you can create your own custom fields. You can also you can enable and disable options like photo capture, NDA signature, host notifications, etc according to your requirements.
  • Visitor badges can be printed instantly after entering the detail of visitor that can also be customized with fields such as host name, company name etc.
  • Feedback can also be provided by the visitor with their comments that gives an exact and real explanation of their experience. This in turn will help implement changes for improvement of guest experience in an organization.

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