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Mobile Banking Software

Mobile Banking Software:

Mobile Banking Software is a software that is used by companies to offer banking functions on mobile devices such as phones or other mobile devices.
Banks are allowed to deliver innovative and consistent retail, corporate and private banking services on the front end. The integrity of its systems environment can be maintained with the back-end systems and turning the road to innovation into siloed channels and fractured customer experiences can be avoided.

Features and Benefits of Mobile Banking Software:

The Mobile Banking Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Financial transactions can be done on a mobile device such as cell phone, tablet, etc.
  • The ability to bank anywhere and at any time is the biggest advantage of using this software.
  • The ability to deposit a check, to pay for merchandise, to transfer money to a friend or to find an ATM instantly can be provided by the software.
  • The entire banking journey of a customer, right from on-boarding to transactional banking requests can be supported on the mobile device of their choice.
  • An extensive range of distinguished capabilities can be offered by the software to enrich customer experience and to increase your up-sell or cross-sell success.
  • Cost of deployment and maintenance of various mobile apps can be reduced and speedy launch of several common features can be assured across customer segments.
  • Credit, Saving, Current and NRI accounts can be can efficiently supervised and the software can also underpin deposits, recurring deposits, and fixed deposits.
  • Other users can be paid by simply scanning a QR code.
  • Shops, restaurants and other services near you can be found very easily.
  • You can login and make payments with one touch of your finger.
  • A complete set of e-commerce features including webshop, shopping cart, ads and more can be provided.
  • You can make payments or send payment requests with the mobile app.
  • Vouchers can be scanned on restaurants for quick voucher payment.
  • Your own mobile features can be created to extend our app. Extra content pages for your clients such as promotions, news and announcements can also be created.
  • The launch icon, application name and CSS can be customized which will give the app the complete look and feel of their own brand.
  • Custom operations for the mobile can also be created and new buttons can be added with information texts.
  • You can make payments, browse your account history or find products.
  • Payments can be done by sending sms keywords or other custom commands.
  • You will be able to do payments, get account and payment information by calling a number through Interactive Voice Response.
  • As the software is multiple identifiers supported, you can pay by name, email, phone number, account number or qr code.
  • Payment can be done to a printed QR code or a QR code can be generated on the app to receive payments.
  • Payment can be done by holding an NFC card to an android device to do quick and secure payments.
  • Multiple currencies,accounts and transaction types can be created for each currency.
  • Payment fields and many rules can be added to transactions, such as PINless payment thresholds, min or max transaction amount, allowed on selected channels and much more.
  • You will be able to pay to unregistered users through email or SMS, requests or schedule payments, payment authorizations, etc.
  • Monthly contribution payments, demurrage, interest payments, flat or percentual transaction fees and custom fee calculations can be done with script extension point if needed.
  • Your loyalty system  including e-vouchers, loyalty points, business referrals, cards, etc. can be run by using this software.
  • Live payment wall and user balance monitoring can be done by generating reports on payments, expenditures, income, user logins, percentages of non-trading user, etc.
  • New profile fields for users and records with custom fields can be easily created.
  • One Time Password (OTP) can be generated by email/SMS, random virtual keyboard, fingerprint (app). You can aslo define your own custom password types.

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