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Mind mapping software:

Mind mapping software, also known as concept mapping software is a brainstorming tool that enables you to create visual diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas, or other information. A mind mapping technique can be useful in improving learning and study efficiency than conventional note taking.
Mind mapping software provides a better way for brainstorming, note taking, and project planning. Mind mapping is a brainstorming process and creative exercise for generating a mind map which is a conceptual web that shows the relationship between ideas. Most of these software has easy-to-use interface that helps you add ideas, attach images, videos, files, links, or quickly sketch out a concept using the drawing feature. You can share ideas with your team, vote, comment, and chat in real-time with collaboration features. Your map can be converted into a presentation with the auto-create or drag and select presentation feature.

Making A Mind Map:

The process of making a mind map will differ depending on your personal preferences, tools, and project as it is a creative exercise. The steps to make a mind map include:

  • Starting with a blank canvas, add your central idea or theme.
  • Brainstorm sub-ideas or related ideas, and ad them to the canvas.
  • Connect the ideas by drawing lines and represent the relationship between ideas. Elements can be drag and drop to re-organize your ideas as you add to the map.
  • Visually organize and display your information such as change colors and size, add icons and images, etc by using formatting tools.

Use of Mind Mapping Software:

There are different types of mind mapping software that ranges from simple brainstorming apps to complex data visualization and diagramming tools. Many of them are cloud based mind mapping tool that lets you visually capture, develop, and share ideas that can be used alone or with a team to easily collaborate, share, and present from anywhere in the world.
These tools are useful in

  • Creating mind maps that is visually organize and present ideas also known as brainstorming. It can help you store and access data on one single platform. This will help you to extract the idea when you need it the most. You can conduct group brainstorming sessions effectively.
  • Creating engineering diagrams, project timelines, organizational charts, network diagrams, architectural plans and other business or technical diagrams.
  • Creating wireframes and site map diagrams in software development and web design.
  • Importing and visualizing live data from business applications in charts, diagrams, etc.

Advantages of Mind Mapping Software:

As humans are visual creatures and we can process visual information very quickly, Mind Mapping Software can be used for understanding and communicating ideas. Mind map software has several advantages over creating a mind map on a piece of paper that include:

  • Flexibility which offers re-organize ideas easily by clicking and dragging.
  • Co-creation that allows you to create a mind map online, and multiple users can be collaborated on the same mind map.
  • As there is no limitation of size. you are not limited to the size of your paper.
  • Professional diagrams can be created that can also be quickly shared and presented by using the formatting tools.
  • A mind mapping software is helpful in increasing your pace of work, boosting creativity and saving time.
  • The process of communication and brainstorming becomes more interesting and easy to understand with graphical representation and visualization. Remembering the most complicated project details becomes easy by the use of colors, visuals and graphics.
  • Different tasks can be integrated by simply dragging and dropping your ideas into a linked project in the software that in turn converts into doable tasks.
  • It can reduce the time spent on unproductive or low value activities.
  • It is helpful in developing advanced management skills in the team and getting real time feedback.

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