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Talend Data Fabric

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Master Data Management Software:

Master Data Management Software is a software that is used by organizations to augment and support their data management and quality initiatives.
The software can help teams in data management by improving business alignment, data governance, data delivery and use, measurement, organization and more. The software can manage a huge amount of data with cleanliness, accuracy and consistency across the organization, managing access to it and managing the actionability of it.

Types of master data management (MDM) software

  • Customer Data Management Software
  • Product Data Management Software
  • Supplier Data Management Software
  • Employee Data Management Software
  • Financial Data Management Software
  • Location Data Management Software
  • Reference Data Management Software
  • Metadata Management Software
  • Asset Data Management Software
  • Data Governance and Stewardship Software

Features and Benefits of Master Data Management Software:

The Master Data Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Access can be provided to high quality data at the right time delivered through your preferred medium to extract value and generate insights.
  • The software comes with the flexibility and transparency required to enable the best commercial decisions on how data is used across your organization.
  • A comprehensive service can be provided by the software that will fulfill all of the data required by your organization including the sourcing, validation, mastering and highly customized delivery of data across your organisation, arming diverse business users with the information and insights they need to succeed.
  • Next generation online data management portal, Access to a global data management team, Consumption based commercial model, Client defined service model which fully managed or hybrid, Data management with a lower time to market and TCO are some of the key features that can be included in the software.
  • Flexible and elastic data services can be provided to help support and scale the change portfolio of your clients.
  • A better customer experience can be created by putting product specifications, accessories, digital assets, and more in any language on any device, enhancing customer engagement and increasing sales.
  • All stakeholders can be connected on a single platform which enables customers to access the product information easily on any channel, channel Partners and Sales teams to generate more sales and manufacturers to effectively manage the centralized product data.
  • Manufacturers can monetize the content by increasing sales and market share with digitized and Centralized product information.
  • Digital product information can be delivered to retailers, dealers, sales teams, websites, customer portals, and social networks to facilitate customer purchase decisions and improve sales conversion.
  • Customer experience and engagement can be enhanced with rich product content such as images, videos, specifications, accessories, brochures, and knowledge.
  • Product content can be optimized to improve product discovery on the web and social channels, facilitate customer decision making, and integrate with lead generation and nurturing.
  • Team productivity can be improved by making it easier to synchronize, maintain, and share product content across all channels and retail partners.
  • Warranty processing costs can be reduced by streamlining processes, eliminating duplicate data entry, and automating claim adjudication
  • Cycle time can be reduced for claim processing, parts return, supplier recovery, and identification of emerging issues.
  • Revenues and profitability can be increased from maintenance, service, and parts.
  • Faster processing can be ensured  by validating claims data and allowing richer content to be captured.
  • Manual efforts involved in claims entry can be reduced by integrating with service order systems.
  • A consolidated source of key master data on customers, products, and relationships between master data entities can be provided which helps to increase revenue by appropriately responding to customers on their channel of choice.
  • IT overhead and costs can be eliminated and you can drive operational efficiencies by providing a complete, consistent, reliable source of master data across your organization.
  • Visibility and control over business activities can also be improved by managing sophisticated relationships across products, customers, vendors, and locations.
  • Inventory management, forecasting, and customer service can be improved by offering a centralized perspective on products, and accurate information on inventory, product returns, and out-of-stock items across the supply chain.
  • It can be ensured that accurate, timely information is provided to support decisions and actions made by the applications, processes, and people that run your business.
  • Time-to-insight and action can be speed up by allowing business users to directly access, manage, and visually interact with master data.

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