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BiT Dealership Software

BiT Dealership Software

Marine Software:

Marine Software is a software that is used to simplify the process of entering and retrieving Business Critical information for marinas, boatyards and boat dealers.
All dealership and buying processes such as digital advertising, financing, sale, insurance, and more can be managed by using this software.

Types of marine software

  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
  • Voyage Planning and Optimization Software
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) Software
  • Marine Simulation Software
  • Fleet Management Software
  • Vessel Performance Monitoring Software
  • Weather Routing and Forecasting Software
  • Crew Management Software
  • Port Management Software
  • Maritime Security Software

Features and Benefits of Marine Software:

The Marine Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Technical management can be streamlined and cost efficiencies can be achieved.
  • A single dashboard overview of all the Marine Software Ltd software modules can be provided in a simple, single screen.
  • Your management software can be accessed using any device equipped with connectivity.
  • It is an easy-to-use integrated solution for the administrative and management procedures of marinas.
  • The software guarantee continuity and reliability of service as it can be located in a safe and efficient infrastructure on the Cloud Platform as a SaaS System.
  • As the entire application is located on a Web Server, the software can be accessed without installing any programs locally. However, a regular web browser is required to access the software.
  • The administrative status can be viewed on the spot through the Interactive Map, which is created from the actual map of the marina.
  • The process of entering or tracing information is quick and efficient by using this software, as an on-the-spot overview of the current berth situation can be provided.
  • Each berth is highlighted using a color coding system which provide its current administrative status and shows all the information concerning its management and contract status. Immediate access to edit applications can be offered from the map, which can be accessed through the powerful viewing system of the software.
  • The operator can manage and customize all information concerning the bill book including balance sheet asset and liability entries, highlighted in special areas by using a simple, intuitive administrative interface.
  • Your marina can be managed intuitively and with ease, through the use of an interactive map which displays the status of the marina.
  • The software application is flexible and scalable for every marina circumstance as it can be customized and add-ons can be requested for every type of requirement.
  • As the software application can be stored entirely in a Cloud, there is no need to install any software on the operator's desktop. You just need a simple web browser, ensuring full continuity of service in order to use it.
  • You can you can monitor presences, when you are out of the business office as the software can be used directly from your mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Smartphone or Android Tablet and take it with you wherever you go.
  • Remarkable continuity of service and greater data security can be enabled as the software can be installed within an extremely powerful server infrastructure located in a Server Farm, which is a safe, specialized environment.
  • Daily data backups can be performed allowing constant recovery of your database.
  • Rapid service can be provided whilst reducing costs for the marina as support can be provided remotely which help reducing service time and needless travel in order to work on the software.
  • Updating costs can be reduced and interruption in operators' normal work can be prevented as the updates are free, and can be scheduled remotely, often outside the marina's regular working hours.
  • The software can be customized according to the needs of the marina. Customization may be requested even at a later date in order to render the management software more akin to marina management. A new software installation or service reactivation is not required. 

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