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Logbook Software:

Logbook Software is a software that is used for managing shift work by offering asset management, project management, time tracking, employee time clock, compliance reporting, visitor management, user access permissions, and network logs in one place.
Events, notes, and inspections can be recorded digitally.

Features and Benefits of Logbook Software:

The Logbook Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Seamless communication between shifts can be facilitated. Real time access to supervisors and managers can be provided from anywhere in the world.
  • All of the features can be provided that you need to operate your facility efficiently while maintaining a simple user interface.
  • A standard for consistent log entries can be established throughout your organization to ensure that you are ready when it is time for an audit or an inspection.
  • Standard shift-turnover processes can be established which ensures that you have a documented chain of responsibility and that key operational details are reviewed by each new worker as they assume responsibility.
  • Paper log books and disconnected systems can be replaced by collecting, storing, and distributing real-time data about your operations to those who need to know.
  • Observed and non-automated data can be captured within the control room and throughout the plant, making this information available to all computer users across an organization.
  • The software can be used for recording and managing plants events and issuing instructions.
  • The progress of 'open' events can be tracked and all associated actions can be monitored.
  • An audit trail for all events can be provided. Alarm messages can be automatically issued through email, pager or SMS.
  • Maintenance requests can be initiated through integration with Computer-based Maintenance Management systems
  • The software can be integrated with Plant Information Systems to provide manually captured process data such as tank dips
  • It can also be integrated with Laboratory Information Management Systems to receive lab sample requests/results or request samples be tested.
  • Transparency and information sharing can be provided across all key operational departments such as production, maintenance, quality and planning bringing visibility of control room operations to the entire enterprise.
  • An intuitive environment can be provided for data entry and management with configurable 'drop-down' menus and 'point-and-click' selections to minimize keyboard entry.
  • A new log can be created by an operator. An instruction can be issued to a Maintenance Engineer through email, pager or SMS message to schedule the repair of the log based on the assigned priority.
  • All open logs to completion can be tracked by the Maintenance Manager providing comprehensive information such as the progress of each log, who is currently working on it and when it is expected to be completed.
  • The replacement Manager can quickly see the current status of all open logs as all  information is invaluable for shift handover.
  • The Maintenance Manager is able to analyze team performance by using the filter and report functions to improve proactive and reactive maintenance activities.
  • Logging, forms and data entry can be digitized. Shift changeovers, turnovers and handovers checklists and forms can be created.
  • Safety and compliance programs can be digitized. Better transparency can be created and historical records can be maintained.
  • Configurable workflows and digitized forms are provided to improve productivity. Configurable Alarms and Notifications can be provided.

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