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CMMS Software:

CMMS or computerized maintenance management system Software is a software that helps manage assets, schedule maintenance and track work orders and optimize everything to do with maintenance on a digital platform. The life cycle value of your buildings and installations can be optimized by drawing up a multi-year maintenance plan and budget with the help of a CMMS Software. This can be aligned with the maintenance strategy, and based on actual asset conditions of your organization.

Features of CMMS Software:

The features of CMMS Software include:

  • The Work order management feature of CMMS software allows you to submit, review, filter, assign, and analyze work orders; schedule and trigger maintenance; get alerts when work orders are created; add checklists, manuals, and notes to work orders that help you create, complete, and track work orders.
  • Asset hierarchies can be created; detailed and accessible asset profiles can be build; the usage and performance of equipment can be tracked; custom reports on asset costs can be generated, health, and more that help you organize, track, and optimize assets in a better way by the Asset management feature of CMMS software.
  • Minimum quantities and automate purchasing can be set; vendor and purchase details can be logged; BOMs for assets and the location of parts can be viewed; costs can be tracked, cycle can be counted, FIFO, and more; inventory records can be synced with an ERP that makes it easier to purchase, organize, and use inventory by the Parts and supplies management feature of CMMS software.
  • Dashboards can be build to view real time KPIs across sites; maintenance and audit logs can be created; reports about your maintenance operations can be generated that help you collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data by the Maintenance reporting feature of CMMS software.

Benefits of CMMS Software:

There are several benefits of using a CMMS Software that include:

  • The CMMS software is flexible, easy to implement and use.
  • The software provides practical support, from inspections to planning and scheduling to compliance and reporting.
  • The software make it easy for technicians to manage work orders on the go by supporting mobile devices.
  • It provides flexible reporting and insight into long term costs and performance.
  • You will be able to control overall costs as the software help in stopping overspending on inventory, cutting waste, increasing uptime, and tracking spending more accurately.
  • Downtime can be reduced by erasing backlog, scheduling PMs with ease, and simplifying repairs to eliminate downtime at its root.
  • Efficiency can be increased by automating work, standardizing PMs, and improving access to resources so you can work fast, safe, and effectively.
  • Metrics, reports, real time work order updates, and asset histories can be accessed from anywhere, any time because of centralized data.
  • Safety requirements for every job can be outlined, audits can be simplified, and safety procedures can be made more accessible to improve health and safety.
  • The maintenance of all your assets, as well as all the data that comes from your equipment can be organized and efficiently manged by CMMS software.
  • The factors like downtime, poor quality, and safety risks can be eliminated by coordinating maintenance with production.
  • The CMMS software also comes with a team that will help you implement the system, build a long term success plan, track results, scale operations, and overcome growing pains.

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