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Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software:

Live Chat Software is an online customer service software that has the capability of online chat, help desk software, and web analytics. All type of customer service and online sales activities that normally are provided using different channels such as chat, email and social media and multiple tools can be managed by using Live Chat as a single point of contact.

Features of Live Chat Software:

The features of Live Chat Software include website chat real-time website traffic monitoring, built-in ticketing system and efficiency analytics of agents. Based on data collected from the purchasing decisions, the system can identify the best prospects visiting a website. Calculating the conversion from chat invitations into chat sessions and then into sales is done by statistics section.
Live Chat is available in 41 different languages that include: Armenian, Azeri, Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Tamil, Russian and Serbian.  
It creates a customer service platform with tools such as:

  • Multiple points of integration and API documentation within the application and communication protocol.
  • Community for connecting users and third party developers, partners and experts
  • Partner Program for application and service monetization
  • Marketplace for distribution of applications and services of experts.

Benefits of Live Chat Software:

  • Live chat is is a lot cheaper than phone support as it enables your team members to do multitasking and assist more than one visitor at a time simultaneously.
  • Chat concurrency saves a huge amount on personnel costs of companies, as less number of live chat agents are required to serve the same amount of customers compared to phone support employees.
  • Live chat is effective in generating leads and making sales as it provides instant access for the visitors to your support staff and sales team and vice versa. This helps your team to convert these visitors into customers.
  • Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels as compared to email support and traditional phone support.
  • Live Chat button provide confidence to the sustomer that they can get help if they need it instantaneously.
  • Live chat make support easy and hassle free by providing answers to questions about your products quickly, solving problems faster, and assuring your customers that you are there when they need you.
  • Live chat agents can provide the links knowledge bases, help articles or training documents quickly through the chat window so that it takes less time for troubleshooting.
  • Even the most complex issues can be solved in a quick and efficient way by screen sharing.
  • Live chat is the preferred method of communication for online shoppers when compared to other communication methods as it provides instant access to salespeople and support staff to your website visitors.
  • Customers prefer live chat for multitasking purposes so that they can shop while they work.
  • Live chat systems not only allow agents to receive chat requests, but also to initiate them as well.
  • Using the monitoring and tracking features, live chat platforms can alert agents to visitor arrivals on websites and provide valuable data they can use to initiate conversations. Chat requests from agents can be sent either manually or automatically. The proactive chat initiation is helpful for the visitors in finding the required information in less time which potentially help converting more visitors into buyers.

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