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Higher Education Software:

Higher Education Software is a software that is used by higher learning institutions such as colleges, universities, and other educational institutions for student recruitment and admissions, curriculum and faculty management, financial aid, and eLearning.
The software include learning management systems and other tools that can be accessed by students and educators, in addition to the operational systems which can be utilized by administrators.

Features and Benefits of Higher Education Software:

The Higher Education Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • All student data that faculty and staff need to manage their university campus operations can be stored and managed.
  • Information such as grades, attendance records, admissions information, and financial aid can be tracked.
  • A students portal can be provided to obtain information that is vital to them, specifically their own grades.   
  • Professors can answer questions regarding assignments and exams as  students and faculty can communicate with each other by using this software.
  • It can be integrated with a learning management system (LMS) and a classroom management tool, so that all aspects of student data can be managed by the faculty.
  • Relevant student data can be stored, tracked and monitored.
  • Communication between staff and faculty members can be streamlined across multiple departments.
  • The ability to track prospective students through the admissions process can be provided.
  • The Universities or Colleges can stay connected with guardians or parents to update them about the activities, performances, attendance of student as well as upcoming events and notifications by the use of mobile applications.
  • Online fee payments through App, time table updates, library issue and return details, examination results and analysis, library online public access catalog and portal for student grievances are some of the features provided by the software.
  • Networking can be ensured through SMS and email alerts. As the number of guardians or parents is registered with the institute,  SMS and Email alerts keep parents notified about university proceedings.
  • The misuse, manipulation and proxy of attendance can be eliminated by biometric attendance. An option is provided to install fingerprint detecting biometric reader or the ID card chip detector.
  • As the fingerprint detecting biometric reads the fingerprint of each student, attendance of the student gets registered with the server that notify the presence of student to parents through App, SMS and email.
  • Biometric readers can be installed in the campus premises which reads the chip present in the ID card of each student instead of finger prints and detects the ID card chip.
  • The gathered data can be structured in form of analytics and graphics, showcasing statistics in a better format and thus can help in decision making process.
  • It is designed for boards, committees, and leadership teams that provides a board portal which allows you to make smarter decisions and access pertinent information, from any place, on every device, at any time.
  • Meeting preparation can be streamlined, communication can be centralized, and effective meetings can be drive.
  • Financial aid processes can be automated to ensure that students receive the financial resources they need to succeed. Staff can be enabled to focus on students versus paper-intensive, manual processes.
  • Greater insight into the best paths to academic and career success can be provided to the students and their advisors.
  • It can be ensured that faculty time, resources and compensation are managed efficiently and optimized for your academic programs.
  • The the full campus experience can be extended to your constituents online, from recruitment to academics, enrollment and curriculum management, advisement, financial aid and career services.
  • It provides a solution that could scale to serve all locations and provide greater visibility and agility across the institution.

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