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Heatmap Software:

Heatmap Software is a software that is used to record visitor data on dynamic URLs and elements of your website. This helps you to get insights on how visitors interact with those.
The software can be used by doctors, engineers, marketers, sociologists, and researchers of every kind for visualizing complex statistical data. The data sets can be made comprehensible and actionable by using heatmap software. It is a data analysis software where color is used as the way a bar graph uses height and width as a data visualization tool. If you want to know which areas get the most attention in a web page, a heat map can help shows you that in a visual way by using a warm-to-cool color spectrum that is easy to assimilate and make decisions from. Creating a heat map can help you understand visitor behavior instantly. The software works by collecting data from a web page and displaying that data over the web page.

Features and Benefits of Heatmap Software:

The Heatmap Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • You can easily visualize the way your users interact with your website.
  • The information captured by these heatmap tools help you to understand issues related to your website and optimize it for a better experience and conversions.
  • Navigation mode can be used to browse different pages while viewing behavior on each element on these pages.
  • The behavioral data can be sliced and diced using your preferred segments, and the findings can be shared with your colleagues.
  • Your website heatmap report can be filtered using complex or bracketing logic conditions. It can also be done by choosing from predefined segments of software.
  • The scroll behavior can be found out such as where visitors spend most of their time, if important sections towards the end of the page are getting the required attention etc by using scrollmaps.
  • The visitor behavior even on your test variations can be tracked and analyzed.
  • Session recordings of insights, heatmaps, website surveys, form analytics and more can be combined to diagnose problem areas in your visitors' experiences across devices and platforms. This helps you to fix the broken element, and make the good stuff even better.
  • The heatmap software helps you to ensure that your call to action are being seen.
  • The content can be placed according to importance to your customers.
  • A website or page redesign can be set.
  • Form errors, blank submissions, and more can be measured.
  • Custom interactive surveys can be created to target a specific audience in a few seconds.
  • Historical statistics can be compared and see what keywords, languages, locations, mobile users, etc. are driving traffic on your website.
  • A recording of visitors to your website can be created and a graphical representation of the user's activity on your website can be provided.
  • Heat mapping software can be used by Graphic designers and UX professionals to understand the impact of graphic elements like color, contrast, and placement on user behavior, which will ultimately help drive a website to convert more effectively.
  • The conversion rate of a page can be seen so that you can understand why one page converts better than another while you are testing moving the CTA button, changing the copy, or altering the images.
  • An instant, usable insights into exactly what your visitors do differently on different versions of your landing page, blog posts, or even your home page can be provided.
  • You will be able to know how far down the page your users scroll by using scroll map, so you know if they are reading your content
  • Heat maps and overlays can be used to see where people are clicking and where they are getting stuck.
  • The software helps you in testing UX and usability, as well as the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts. This will also help you improve the way prospective customers move down the conversion funnel.

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