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Email Signature Software:

Email Signature Software is a software that is used to create consistent email signatures and email disclaimers for an entire organization quickly and easily. A uniform and legally compliant appearance is a basic requirement of an email signature as the outgoing email from a company is both business-relevant and a business card for a company.
You can create a unique email signature or use dynamic email template to personalize every part of the email and send them. Standardized signature templates can be created with your company branding, user photos and social media icons. You can also add different signatures to internal and external emails, new and subsequent emails, or emails sent by different departments. Most of the Email Signature Software supports all email clients and devices, including mobiles and Macs.
An email signature consist of a block of text found at the end of email correspondence that represent your company, and promote your events and websites, without any active campaigning. It helps shape your corporate identity. It is difficult to manage signatures for each and every employee that looks clean and professional for brand recognition. As they could look sloppy or contain inaccurate information it can portrait a poor image of your company. Therefore using an email signature management software is the best option to create a consistent and attractive email signature templates.
Feature of Email Signature Software:
Some of the common feature of Email Signature Software include:

  • You can get high quality signatures that are consistent and attractive on all emails, even if they are sent from mobile devices and Macs.
  • Signature of all employees can be managed from a central console to ensure the professionalism of your brand.
  • Signatures can be designed in different style for different departments. A marketing team can showcase an event, while customer services can get a signature with the opening times of the company.
  • Signature can be updated with a single click in an organization.
  • Dynamic content such as social media icons, promotional banners, award logos and many more can be included as per your requirement in the content of email signature.
  • Corporate email can be turned into a low cost, high volume marketing tool that will help you in your marketing goals by sending them to thousands of people daily.
  • Data can be captured on clicks in the signature and can be feed to analytics or marketing automation software.
  • The Email Signature Software ensure the appropriate email disclaimer for every message to match legal compliance.

Benefits of Email Signature Software:
There are several benefits of using an Email Signature Software that include:

  • Using an email signature management software you can create a consistent style of company Email Signature that help eliminate inconsistencies in your branding. The information provided in emails and promotions will be up to date and include the necessary disclaimers in place so that the signatures  work for all the different departments.   
  • As the software unifies all signatures of the employees and disclaimers, their look and feel can be centrally managed. This help deploying and implementing your signatures across your entire company after creating the perfect design.
  • Different versions of the company email signature for different departments within the same company is required as each department has different goals to tackle and a different audience to target. This can be achieved by using an email signature management software as it can customize signatures for each department based on their need.
  • The software can automatically generates your signature that is in a ready to use form, once you provide the design and your preferences. This will help saving time of the employee as they just need to use the copy paste method to add it to their emails.

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