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e-Prescribing Software:

e-Prescribing Software is a software that is used by physicians and medical practitioners to transmit an electronic prescription to a pharmacy directly from the point of care.

Benefits of e-Prescribing Software:

Benefits of e-Prescribing Software include:

  • Since there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret or calling in prescriptions, it can help improve accuracy, enhance patient safety and quality of care. The process of electronically generating and sending a prescription order is known as e-Prescribing.
  • The software helps your patients to get the medications they need faster by streamlining prior authorization submissions and sending e-coupons to the pharmacy with an order.
  • The software is tailored for ease of use from sending multiple medications in a single order to two-click prescription refills. It can provide your patients the convenience and flexibility they need to get their medications quickly as it is connected to a large number of pharmacy by internet.
  • You can follow up with patients regarding their treatment and send medication information and educational materials to help support adherence.
  • As the software is certified, the e-prescribing system helps keep you HIPAA compliant by keeping your patient health information secure and private.
  • You have access to the most connected network in healthcare which can provide you more options and patient health information for e-prescribing. Patient security and privacy is protected.
  • Time and resources can be saved as electronic prescriptions are delivered directly to the computer systems of the pharmacy, which eliminated the need for pharmacy staff to manually enter data or call or fax to clarify orders.
  • It also improve patient safety as pharmacists are less likely to interpret electronic orders incorrectly.
  • Double entry can be reduced by ordering all prescriptions of your patient in a single electronic order.
  • Each prescription can be edited or modified to ensure SIG, script date, refill count and more are accurate prior to sending.
  • You will have the context on the current status of the patient as you can view our ordering screen along with the chart or encounter of the patient.
  • The software helps you to meet Meaningful Use of e-prescribing measures, maximize EHR incentives, avoid penalties and ensure quality of care by providing you drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks display for each individual medication.
  • Refill requests can be sent directly to your EHR by patients and pharmacies and you can approve or deny refill requests from any internet-connected device with only two clicks. Other providers in your practice can help process the refill requests of your patients in your absence as anyone in your practice can view the refill request.
  • Educational materials can be automatically provided to the patients at the start of their treatment to better understand their care plan.
  • Specific patient questions can be answered and reminders can be send to fill prescriptions and take medications by secure, online communication.
  • The health record and important information regarding their medication of the patient can be accessed anytime they need it.
  • Your frequently prescribed medications can be searched to quickly find a medication you are looking for.
  • Search is default to searching retail pharmacies in your area and it keeps a list of your frequently used pharmacies.
  • Common SIGs specific to each medication are pre-filled which help in saving your time.
  • Complete medication list from any encounter, including medication, SIG, start date, and e-prescriptions can be viewed.

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