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Customer Reference Management Software:

Customer Reference Management Software is a software that is used to  organize your customer information and daily activities in a single place so that you get more time to focus on growing your business and delivering great service.
Customer referral campaigns can be created and launched through multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop websites, as well as Android and iOS mobile app that will help businesses acquire new customers. A a simple one time installation is required that allow the users to integrate with various platform more easily without any help from developers.

Features of Customer Reference Management Software:

There are various features of Customer Reference Management Software. Some of the common features include customizable campaigns, in depth analytics, data export, multiple referrals and social sharing options, multiple rewards and events.

  • Users are enabled to promote their campaign through their digital properties and emailers.
  • Referral program performance can be gauged by tracking shares, clicks and successful referral conversions such as registrations, sales, mobile application installs.
  • Customers are allowed to send referral invites to their friends. The mobile app is installed once the friend accepts the invite and a coupon is send to the customer who referred their friend over email by the software.
  • Customers are allowed to participate in referral campaigns through the website of the user or any social media page.
  • Friends can be reffered by customer through multiple social channels. On any successful referral conversion, automatic mails are send to the referrers by the software.
  • The software can be accessed directly or through other leading CRMs by the revenue teams.
  • You can manage, protect, and leverage the voice of your customers in sales and marketing activities from live customer reference calls to events, case studies, and many more by robust admin and reporting functionality.
  • The insights can be provided at a glance with analytics that help monitor and increase reference program engagement by identifying the gaps and opportunities.
  • Data driven decisions can be made to optimize their voice of the customer programs, increase productivity, and demonstrate value

Benefits of Customer Reference Management Software:

Benefits of using Customer Reference Management Software include:

  • Your SMS Marketing, Customer Loyalty Program, Referral Program, and Online Reviews can be managed in one platform
  • Various customer marketing software can be consolidated in to a single software in one price.
  • The omni channel drip campaign can be used to send sms, email, voicemail and direct mail to your customers all in the same simple process.
  • You will be able to make conversation through messengers, emails, and calls from a single app by multi-channel communication by the teams.
  • Reference customer contacts and reference content can be requested, managed, and shared from a single centralized location that help increase reference program visibility and makes it easy for teams to use only official, approved assets.
  • The the burden on reference managers can be reduced by automating workflows. The turnaround times for customer reference requests can be accelerated by reference request and nomination workflows.
  • The adoption and engagement of reference program can be encouraged to increase by simple, defined processes.
  • Misusing and overusing customer references by the team can be prevented by tracking .
  • Your teams get access to the tools that allow them to grow their accounts, find new customers, and close deals faster and from any location.

Types of Customer Reference Management Software

  • Reference Request and Automation Software
  • Reference Database and Repository Software
  • Case Study and Testimonial Management Software
  • Reference Tracking and Analytics Tools
  • Advocate Marketing Platforms
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social Proof and Review Management Software
  • Reference Workflow and Collaboration Software
  • Integration with CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Customer Feedback and NPS Software
  • Sales Enablement and Content Platforms
  • PR and Media Management Software
  • Advocacy and Referral Marketing Software
  • Online Community and Forums
  • Event Management and User Conferences Software

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