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Contest Software

Contest Software:

Contest Software is a software that enables marketing professionals to run different contests on their websites and in social media outlets. The software provides fast, secure and a great experience for entrants, judges and contest managers. Contest software is the best way to generate brand awareness in the simplest way as it help you to prepare, organize, launch, analyze, and wrap up a contest on social media channels.

Features of Contest Software:

The features of Contest Software include:

  • An unlimited number of interactive landing pages can be build for contests, giveaways, quizzes and more to connect with your customers. Custom landing pages and emails can be created by the flexibility offered by the software.
  • Your landing pages can be embedded on websites that are under your control. You can also  use your own domains for standalone landing pages. Involvement of your IT department is not required.
  • The entries to social networks can be verified wherever required to reduce the number of steps required to enter, saves your time and drives higher quality entries into your campaign.
  • Users can to refer their friends with custom viral referral links which will help reaching more potential entrants.
  • Your data is stored in facilities that meet all ISO 9000 standards. Your landing pages will be accessible whenever you need them. The software provides data privacy and complies with data privacy laws, including the GDPR, CCPA and more. So, it is secure and reliable.
  • You will be able to manage your team more efficiently by proving access to team members and client with their own logins. This help collaboration on marketing projects without sharing your password. Permissions and assets can be controlled to keep projects separate.
  • The kind of interaction of people with your landing pages and emails can be learned by using real time analytics. Further insights can also be gained by adding tracking pixels from some other services.
  • Entry data can be directly send to the third party services that you already use or export data for further analysis outside the tool by using form integrations.
  • A default post entry notification email will be send to every user to confirm that the entry of the user is received for your competition. This email can also be send to the user in your selected language other than English.
  • Suspicious entries can invalidated in your campaign by automated Fraud Filter which is done by by analyzing different entry attributes. You will have the chance to review these entries before drawing a winner. However, users will no be aware when their entries are invalidated as the invalid actions do not appear in your reporting.
  • Full flexibility is provided by the software on how you choose winners for your competition. A notification will be send to you from the software asking you to choose your winners.

Benefit of Contest Software:

Organizing social media contests with Contest Software will always benefit your business in several ways. This include:

  • Brand awareness can be generated
  • Community can be build
  • Emails to your list can be collected
  • Online engagement can be boosted
  • People can be incentivized to follow
  • You will be able to learn about your audience
  • Subscribers and sales can be increased
  • Virality can be inspired
  • Some appreciation can be shown to your current customers.

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