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Clinical Trial Management Software:

Clinical Trial Management Software is a software is used to manage clinical trials in clinical research by  biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
The clinical data can be efficiently managed. The software is used to maintain and manages planning, performing and reporting functions, along with participant contact information, tracking deadlines and milestones. Patient management, checking compliance with government regulations, financials related work, budgeting, project management, patient management and recruitment, investigator management, regulatory compliance and many more can be done by using this software. It is also compatibility with other systems such as electronic data capture and adverse event reporting systems. A clinical trial management software provides data to a business intelligence system, which acts as a digital dashboard for trial managers. The centralized data can be accessed by the experts that reduces the number of delayed trials. The previously researched contacts and names of volunteers who are suitable for participating in a given trial are stored in a centralized database which can be used by the sponsors. As the software also can be used for collecting and organizing information that can be shared to different care providers and distributed across different systems, it is very cost effective and saves a lot of time.

Features and Benefits of Clinical Trial Management Software:

Clinical Trial Management Software has various features that can benefit the users in many different ways. Some of these include:

  • Multicenter trials can be run seamlessly across the globe and high quality, submission ready data can be captured from patients and clinicians by leveraging the software.
  • You can set up trials and registries on your own and can perform study design, build, and data management. There is no training required
  • Your device can be integrated with the software and data can be captured on a centralized platform.
  • High quality data can be ensured by real time validation and edit checks, easily edit forms mid-trial to accommodate protocol amendments and completely compliant Query Management and data review.
  • Trials can be run efficiently in multiple center as the platform provides secure access across the world, remote monitoring and granular user access rights.
  • You will be able to perform medical coding with coding integration and  delivery of submission-ready files can be ensured.
  • The trials can be tracked from start to end as you get visibility into study health with dynamic dashboards.
  • Data can be exported in CSV, Excel, SPSS or any other format and also can be analyze in the tool of your choice.
  • Features like field encryption and user management put you in control of data access to secure your data.
  • The software helps you comply with international laws and standards.
  • The software can can support you with study design, setup, conduct, and regulatory processes and thus help reducing cost and information overload.
  • Both internal and Investigator Initiated Study data can be maximized to efficiently get your products to market.
  • Your access to the validation documentation required for each stage of your internal regulatory compliance process can be ensured.
  • It efficiently manage your internal regulatory compliance process.

Uses of Clinical Trial Management Software:

  • The software is used to manage clinical trials in clinical research by  biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
  • These are widely used at sites where clinical research is conducted such as research hospitals, academic medical centers, physician practices, and cancer centers.
  • The software is also used to support daily operations in conducting feasibility study, streamlining the workflow of the trial coordinators and investigators as it provides a centralized place to store all trial related information which help improving clinical data management by equipping staff, including biostatisticians and database administrators. 

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