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JIRA Service Management

Change Management Software:

Change Management Software is a software that is used to monitor and optimize the process of managing changes with in an organization.
Managing the changes of code, documents, or requirements is known as change management process which is also called as configuration management.
The main purpose of the change management process is to make the required changes successfully with a minimum negative impact and maximizing the benefits. Change is very important whether it is a new strategy, goal, or technology that keeps the organization moving forward to drive efficiency, boost productivity, or reduce overall costs. As implementing new processes or equipment can produce many potential risk for the team members, a Change Management Software is essential that will help EHS, operational, and functional teams to identify and manage potential risks and compliance requirements that is associated with changes to products, operations, equipment, and individuals. The software can be used for identification, evaluation, and communication of changes.

Features of Change Management System:

The most common features of Change Management System include:

  • Potential risks associated with changes in operations, equipment and personnel can be identified with flexible and self-configurable platform.
  • It includes the features like custom screening, approval and change validation phases, evaluation, action item tracking and optional training modules.
  • The reviewers and change committees can be engaged to assess change, recommend controls and validate prior to operation sign off by standardized change request process stages.
  • The operations can be integrated with pre-startup safety reviews (PSSR) and other similar process safety requirements such as OSHA Process Safety Management, EU Seveso Directive etc.
  • The requirement of formal MOC evaluations can be determined by the documentation of 'Replacement in Kind'.
  • The software can be integrated with Risk Assessment, Industrial Hygiene, LOTO, Chemical Management, etc.

Benefits of Change Management Software:

Benefits of Change Management Software include:

  • Capturing requests, assessing their impact and prioritizing and dis-positioning are part of every change management process, whether you are changing requirements, behavior, business process or IT systems.
  • The software enable the changes to happen effectively and manage risk. The changes can be either related to a process for requirements change, a process for managing version changes in source code or change processes for data, software and hardware in operations.
  • Potential change management risks and impact on operations, equipment and personnel can be identified, tracked and documented.
  • Stakeholders to initiate and review impact assessments prior to sign-off through standardize processes.
  • Execution of recommended integrated change control processes can be accelerated.
  • Changes and responsibilities can be communicated to team members prior to project execution.
  • Conformity and compliance of EHS regulatory requirements can be improved.
  • Modification for the same thing by more than one person can be prevented.
  • The change can be done in a safe and controlled manner by ensuring risks and impacts are sufficiently assessed.
  • As the software follow the standardized methods and procedures to incorporate the changes in the system by performing an end to end impact analysis, taking effective measures is possible.
  • Informed decisions about what changes is allow to be deployed, and what changes need additional analysis or risk mitigation to be acceptable to the organization can be made as it is paired with a change governance structure.
  • Change effectiveness can be tracked and traceability to defects related to change can be provided.
  • As the data change can be automated, it can prevent the errors being introduced by manual data entry.
  • coordination among change requests can be scheduled for organizations with global business operations and large volumes of changes that need to be applied to their IT environments.
  • Individual changes can be coordinated in alignment with all dependencies.

Who uses Change Management Software?

  • Change Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Executives and Leadership Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Employees
  • Communication Teams
  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • IT Professionals
  • Compliance Officers
  • Training and Development Teams
  • External Consultants
  • Risk Management Teams

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