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Board Management Software:

Board Management Software is a software that is used by  board members, chief executives, and other professionals in charge to  run better, more productive board meetings.
Directors can track attendance, organize minutes of meeting, and share files with other members. The software helps them to stay organized, make timely decisions, and plan progress in a cohesive manner. Gathering opinions and ideas on financial, directional, and product decisions within a company is easier with a Board Management Software. Various types of feedback can be gathered by survey features of the software without the pressure of delivering it in front of a crowd or within the timeline of the meetings. The software is integrated with the calendar of a team, email, and contact settings to make the planning process easier. The team members those are required at a meeting receives email notifications about possible meeting times and calendar events are automatically send out reflecting the final decision.

Features and Benefits of Board Management Software:

Features and Benefits of Board Management Software include:

  • All the documents that are important for a board meeting can be stored and shared within board management portals. These documents can either be pulled from an outside content management system or uploaded to store in the portal. The software offers a single, integrated portal where all these documents are stored and hence the directors can find all the materials they need. Therefore, the time spent looking for shareable documents can be saved. These documentation can be viewed by board members in the portal or attached to agendas and meeting notes for the meetings.
  • An agenda can be created and set so that it can be viewed by board members before the meeting takes place. This can help them stay on track. Documents related to meeting can also be attached to an agenda to make the meeting easy and simple.
  • Notes can be taken notes during a meeting because of note-taking capability provided by the software. It can either be private or shared with other members in the portal. The note taking process can be automated also and minutes of meeting can be send to members once a meeting has ended.
  • Features such as meeting agendas, note-taking, and document viewers and editors can be accessed from centralized board portal that keep everyone on track and on topic to make the meetings efficient and informative.
  • As the documents, agendas, notes, and more can be viewed offline also, a person who cannot physically attend a meeting could still look at the agenda of the meeting without an internet connection.
  • As there is storage space for the various documents and board materials that teams require in meetings, these meeting documents can be uploaded to the portal prior to meetings so that the team members can access the documents and will be able to go through them in advance to prepare questions or comments. There is no confusion for the most recently updated version as the software provides version control for these files and documents.
  • Survey results can be attached to a minutes of meeting or stored elsewhere in the portal as a reference for future as it helps streamline decision making during a meeting.
  • The built-in messaging feature provides secure communication between board members.
  • The collaboration tools allows board members to comment on documents etc.
  • The access control features can manage access by role.

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