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Automatic Transcription Software

Automatic Transcription Software:

Automatic Transcription Software is a type of software that  automatically transcribes audio from interviews, conversations, dictations, video footage, and more into text.

Some facts about Automatic Transcription Software:

  • Although, technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning are used by most of these tools to transcribe the speech,  a human-in-the-loop (HITL) model is utilized by some tools to help ensure the quality of the transcription
  • An easy to use standalone platform for the purpose of transcribing speech, also known as speech to text (STT) is provided by an automatic transcription software in contrast to voice recognition software, which provide web services or APIs for integration into web pages or with other software.
  • Users can upload audio to the platform, in addition to transcribing speech dictated directly into the software.
  • Users can also incorporate live transcription into video footage.
  • API integration, collaborative editing, and analytics reporting on transcription throughput and accuracy are some of the features provided within transcription tools.
  • A platform to transcribe audio using automated means must be provided in an automatic transcription software.
  • The editing of transcription should be facilitated through a text editor.
  • Machine learning or NLP technology should be leveraged to transcribe text.
  • You should be able to upload audio to the platform to be transcribed. 
  • Although a broad spectrum of different automatic transcription software products that are available as free, you will have to purchase a license or a subscription if you want to use all of the features of an automatic transcription software.

Importance of Automatic Transcription Software:

  • You will be able to understand better the data you collected by transcribing the audio and video recordings of interviews and meetings using an automatic transcription software.
  • A transcription can assist you in increasing its visibility on search engines even if you are creating video content.
  • It easier to organize and archive the information the recording contains by transcribing a recording of any kind which enables you to have easy access to this data whenever you need it.
  • You will be able to save time on audio and video transcription by using an automatic transcription software.
  • You can generate a transcript in just a few minutes with automatic transcription software and then can just edit the text and use it to access important information quickly or upload it to your website to increase its visibility on search engines.
  • You can also get excellent collaboration features.
  • Audio recordings can be transcribed in real-time.
  • Most of these software are affordable, easy to use and allows users to upload all types of audio and video files.
  • Speaker Identification technology are featured in some automatic transcription software.
  • Different speakers can be identified effortlessly with a powerful proprietary algorithm and custom timestamps can be created.

Features of  Automatic Transcription Software:

  • You need to opt or an automatic transcription software allows you to transcribe audio and video files directly from your web browser if you don’t want to go through the process of installing an automatic transcription software on your PC or Mac 
  • These software lets you edit the transcribed text, add captions to videos or even share these files on the Internet besides turning video and files into text in minutes.
  • It can transcribe audio and video recordings in a broad range of different languages, including all dialects of the English language as these software are equipped with advanced text-to-speech algorithms .
  • The  text editor of the software can be used once the automatic transcription process is completed to improve the quality of the transcription and then embed a searchable transcript to your website.
  • The available features depends on the pricing plan you choose.
  • Audio and video files can be transcribed quickly and accurately with these web based automatic transcription software.
  • Commas, question marks, and full-stops are used correctly with advanced punctuation capabilities.
  • Parts of the text that need to be tightened up can be quickly identified with proofreading.
  • A section of a text can be highlighted or commented and  a reminder for yourself or your colleagues can also be created.
  • Users can upload files in different audio and video formats.
  • You can get some additional features with monthly subscription in some of the automatic transcription software. These include the bulk import and export options, a custom vocabulary, or syncing video and audio directly from Dropbox.
  • Live notes in Zoom meetings can be captured, and time codes or shared speaker voiceprints are only available within the team subscription plan for some of the automatic transcription software. 

Tips for Choosing an Automatic Transcription Software:


  • The first thing you need to do is to check the list of features provided while searching for a new automatic transcription software as the features of automatic transcription software products offer vary.
  • The numerous aspects you have to consider before deciding which automatic transcription software you should get are the accuracy with which a software transcribes audio and video files, the number of supported languages, the amount of text editing tools it offers and more.
  • You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of software, for those automatic subscription software products which need a web browser to use.
  • However, you should check if the app is compatible with your device and its operating system if you want to transcribe audio and video files from your Smartphone.
  • You need to decide if you want to pay per minute of transcription or get a monthly subscription as there are only a few automatic transcription software products on the market that are available for free of charge.
  • It is more affordable to purchase a monthly subscription if you are transcribing hundreds of hours of audio and video content each month while you can go for paying per minute of transcription  if you don't transcribe audio and video files very often.

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