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Veterinary Software

Veterinary Software:

Veterinary Software is a software that is used by of veterinarians and veterinary professionals to manage billing, reminders, appointments, medical records, hospitalizations and amnay more.
Patient information, scheduling, treatment planning, back-office functions such as accounting can be managed by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Veterinary Software:

The Veterinary Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software is very useful for veterinary clinics as it can help with patient diagnosis and treatment management. Nurses or technicians are also allowed to efficiently deliver treatments.
  • It can be used by administrative personnel to manage patient communications, influx, and payments.
  • Surgical as well as dentistry tools can be provided or it can be integrated with animal clinics and hospitals to help maintain a drug database for veterinary focused pharmacies to consult, simplify and ensure industry compliance. Tools can also be provided that nurture client engagement
  • The software can be integrated with claims processing software. It can also be integrated with veterinary specific electronic health records software to gain access to patient health information.
  • Veterinarians will be able to assess the medical needs of patients and recommend treatments.
  • Employees and patients can be notified about appointments, follow-ups or overdue payments.
  • Veterinary personnel can be scheduled depending on demand and capacity.
  • Features can be provided for claim management, medical billing, and payment processing.
  • Front office functionality can be included for operations such as reservations or cancellations.
  • Inventory for veterinary drugs and materials needed for treatment can be tracked.
  • Report can be genertaed on doctor utilization, personnel productivity, or customer satisfaction.  
  • Efficiency and productivity can be created within any aspect of animal-focused care delivery so that veterinary professionals can focus on their work.
  • Non-veterinary practice management functionality can be provided.
  • The software can be accessible from any internet-enabled device with all the features and functionality that are required to keep your team connected.
  • Maximum efficiency can be provided to minimize frustration and missed charges, with a single point of entry for veterinary apps that help saving staff time.
  • As the software is updated regularly and automatically, you can enjoy the latest features at no extra cost.
  • The seamless and modern user interface provided by the software will make you more efficient in your daily work.
  • Your activity such as making appointments online, customer satisfaction survey, referral case module, analyzers Idexx, connection to the central drugs can be optimized.
  • As Your database is duplicated on several servers, a major improvement in your data protection can be provided compared to local storage.
  • Time can be saved by automating manual processes and reducing administration which will provide you more time to focus on what matters.
  • Your bottom line and the overall health of your business can be improved by attracting and retaining clients.
  • Great customer service can be delivered and your clients can be provided with excellence in all aspects of veterinary care.
  • Your time can be effectively managed with real-time calendar bookings. You can increase clinic outputs with simple colors, status flags and icons. Clients can make appointments online, directly into the calendar schedule with the Customer Portal.
  • You can access all clinical information through configurable views. Clinical decisions and actions can be automatically drived and the invoice can be provided in real-time. Configurable picklists and shorthand can be used by clinical templates to efficiently enter in all the information you desire.
  • As automated billing is provided, there is no more double handling of information that you have already entered into the clinical record also onto invoices.
  • Variable driven template reminders can be send through SMS and email, straight from the system. You will be able to determines what treatments/vaccinations an animal needs and will send out reminders accordingly with proactive reminder systems.

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