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Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom Expense Management Software:

Telecom Expense Management Software is a software that is used to automate the process of monitoring, auditing and reducing telecom billing expenses.
Full control of telecom orders, invoices, inventory, and expenses can be provided with automation and an approachable interface.

Features and Benefits of Telecom Expense Management Software:

The Telecom Expense Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software can be integrated with existing tools you are using to bring all your data together so that you can see where telecom technologies and services are being used, who is using them, and how much they cost you.
  • Easy visibility of all things telecom such as telecom invoice management, telecom inventory management, global asset location data, contract and vendor management as well as order management can be provided.
  • You can understand the expense details, find information quickly, and get the most out of reports by using this software.
  • Telecom asset lifecycle management can be made easier with features like spend, inventory, and order reporting linked to cost centers, general ledgers, locations, and contracts; self-service insights and data retrieval; historic spend analyses and up-front allocation configuration for every invoice.
  • Issues like paying for a service you no longer receive, overpaying, or counting on a contract that just expired can be discovered and ROI can be improved.
  • The software  makes inefficiencies visible and controllable with automated invoice audits with alerts about inventory, rates, and more; Dispute management; Invoice management, approval flows, and auto-approvals;Telecom sourcing and logistics and Provisioning services
  • The software is dedicated to understanding, controlling, and, ultimately, reducing the communications spend of an enterprise.
  • Invoice acquisition, validation and payment can be automated. Communication invoices can be validated prior to payment, invoice payments to vendors can be automated as well as chargeback and recovery of telecom expenses can be modernized.
  • Organizations are enabled to obtain the lowest cost on mobility and network services and the tools to evaluate the ROI of network transformation initiatives.
  • Vendor contracts and amendments can be managed, You can harness your data to drive down costs.
  • Demand sets can be genertaed to support vendor pricing process. Network transformation proposals can be evaluated and the ROI of each project can be monitored.
  • A comprehensive global view of network estate along with complete lifecycle management tools can be presented to manage and optimize your network.
  • A usable network portfolio can be captured and maintained in one place, telecommunication services costs can be reduced and large network transformations can be efficiently managed.
  • Tools can be provided by the Insights & Intelligence app to interact with all the data captured in the software revealing trends, anomalies and the path to a more efficient infrastructure.
  • Interactive dashboards, widgets and reports can be provided, key metrics can be obtained to drive improved management and siloed information can be turned into actionable data.
  • Real time inventory of mobile portfolio can be maintained, employees can be enabled with improved self-service tools, mobility services costs can be reduced and your mobility helpdesk can be automated.
  • Customers are enabled to gain the benefits of the system without having to change their individual preferences and workflows.
  • The client and its customers will get to know their networks and can gain a complete, up-to-date view of global device inventory. The costs associated with it can be calculated by informing monthly insights and decisions that generate significant cost savings.
  • The software is constantly on the lookout, crunching the data, auditing the environment, and optimizing it whenever possible.
  • The industry's only proven and effective three-way match can be applied to compare assets, contracts and actual costs to drive out waste.
  • Information can be organized, cleansed and normalized across geographies, carries and currencies.
  • The data can be connected to purpose-built applications and a global network of help partners using secure, open APIs to coordinate actions and provide visibility across systems.
  • Source data and transaction data can be linked from network and mobile service providers, as well as HR and location information, then unifies it with service, logistics and operations desks.

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