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Swim School Software

Swim School Software:

Swim School Software is a software that is used by instructors and school owners to remotely manage classes, swimmers, staff, and payments.
The entirety activity of your swim school such as course, class or semester can be managed with this software solution to help your business streamline everyday tasks.

Types of Swim School Software

  • Swim Class Management Software
  • Student Registration and Enrollment
  • Swim Lesson Progress Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Swim Instructor Management
  • Swim School Billing and Payments
  • Swim School CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Swim School Communication Apps
  • Swim School Reporting and Analytics
  • Swim School Website and Online Portal
  • Swim School Mobile Apps
  • Swim School Staff Training and Certification Tracking
  • Swim School Safety and Risk Management
  • Swim School Swim Meet Management
  • Swim School Equipment Inventory Management
  • Swim School Class Waitlist Management
  • Swim School Time Clock and Payroll
  • Swim School Progress Certifications
  • Swim School Customer Surveys and Feedback
  • Swim School Multi-Location Management

Features and Benefits of Swim School Software:

The Swim School Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Parents are allowed to enroll their students into courses and entire semesters online based on their swim level, age, and type of class.
  • Your first priority can be made convenience by automating simple processes that provides you more time to focus on educating your students, informing parents, and running your business.
  • It can be integrated with most payment providers to accept payments on the Mobile App, Client Portal, Point-of-sale application, or Kiosk.
  • Recurring credit card payments, cash, bank transfers, direct debit and more can be accepted.
  • It is possible to keep all of your data in cloud database servers which is updated in real-time so that all of your client and business data is secure.
  • A client portal can be provided that can response on any device for class, facility and personal training booking, registration, and payments on the go to provide the members full control of their membership.
  • Potential clients can be provided with a quick and easy sign up process on the web that's customized for your brand.   
  • Your client portal can be customized with the colors and the images of your brand of your choice to let your clients get familiar with your brand's online presence.
  • The memberships, course results, payments, attendance and schedules of your students can be manged from one place to make each semester run as smoothly as possible.
  • The performance of your swim school can be analyzed from top-to-bottom with advanced reports, customizable widgets and metrics.
  • Students are allowed to enroll into specific groups with their friends or other members based on their level, age and schedule at any time.
  • Upcoming deals, discounts, new courses, or any other information can be send through automated message such as email, SMS, or mobile app push notification.
  • The daily communication tasks can be automated for members to increase engagement and retention rates. Communication alerts such as Emails, push notifications or SMS can be send to clients to keep them motivated and engaged throughout the lifetime of their contract.
  • You can save time on correspondence and focus on your members where and when they need you most with the automated reminders, confirmations, and event messages.
  • You can keep your members active and remind them of their goals if they miss a few days in your club.
  • You can make your communication as personalized as possible to foster more customer satisfaction.  
  • All of your member data including their account information, payment history, attendance, contracts and more can be managed in one place.
  • Real time data on preferences of club member and their behaviors can be provided to inform all of your business decisions.
  • As every visit, booking, transaction, and club interaction is stored on each club member's profile, all the touchpoints and history of every health club member from top-to-bottom can be provided in the membership management module.
  • Customer satisfaction can be drived with this software which can be powered by a strong UX profile and analytical capabilities.
  • Instant insights can be provided into your most important club management KPIs from interactive dashboard widgets that is customized for your fitness club.
  • The dashboard widgets can be fully customizable to your preferance and the data are regularly updated in real-time.
  • Actionable insights can be provided for improved analysis and strategy development by choosing from various unique reports ranging from sales and access controls to warehouse inventory.

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