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Product Configurator Software:

Product Configurator Software is a software that is used to automate the configuration of build-to-order products with various options so that you can select options for a product to meet the individual needs of your customers.

Features and Benefits of Product Configurator Software:

The Product Configurator Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • A product configurator can automate the process by speeding up the quote timeline and getting the item into production instead of creating quotes and specifications manually.
  • You need a product configurator software if you are in the business of producing custom or configurable products.
  • Time can be saved and customers can be impressed with lightning fast turnaround times for estimates, drawings, and spec sheets using our product configurator.
  • Your sales force can be expanded by making it easy for your reps, dealers, and distributors build custom configurations.
  • Revenue can be increased by streamlining efficiency and improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • A variety of tools can be included in the configuration interface to ensure that each configuration meets your product's design requirements. Options are limited based on other option selections. You can automatically select or eliminate features.
  • The errors that occur from attempting to design configurations manually can be eliminated. The software can help revolutionize your business along with complete bills of material and product spec sheets.
  • As your business processes can be simplified and errors can be eliminated, engineers can spend time designing products instead of creating estimates and sales people can spend time assisting customers, instead of filling out paperwork.
  • Fully configured 3D models, sales drawings, and production drawings can be generated. Your quote-to-production lead time can be drastically reduced with automated sales and production drawings that are ready in seconds. Fully configured CAD outputs can be viewed directly in your browser.
  • A customized bill of material (BOM) can be dynamically generated for every product configuration. The errors and inefficiency of manual BOM creation can be eliminated by rules and logic. Multiple BOM formats can be generated for different audiences, such as sales reps, customers, or the manufacturing floor.
  • Ordering with customizable reports and an order queue can be monitored for reviewing orders before final approval. All of the tools needed to move your entire sales process into a single application can be provided.
  • Both sales and customers are allowed to select, configure, price, and order your products. Simultaneously it can be made sure that only valid features, options, and dimensions are selected.
  • The definition of product features and options can be organized and Controlled.
  • Quotations and customer orders can be processed for configured products.
  • Bills of material and routings can be processed in conventional and a matrix format.
  • All manufacturing activities can be planned and controlled for configured products.
  • Engineering are allowed to focus on orders falling outside the rules and on new product development as engineering costs and order lead times can be reduced .
  • The functionalities provided by the software can simplify the production of engineered, ordered, planned and controlled products that are configured or assembled uniquely for each customer order.
  • Companies will be able to configure products in order entry using a rules-based, question-and-answer-type dialog which may be used for quotations or actual orders.
  • Bills of material and routings required to manufacture the product can be assembled at all assembly levels, including make-to-order parts and assemblies.
  • Component availability for stocked items can be checked at all levels of assembly and inventory can be allocated at entry of either the quotation or the customer order.
  • You can quickly and accurately price and cost the product at the time of order entry and accurately promise delivery dates.
  • Family of shop orders can be automatically generated and scheduled to schedule, con­trol and report on the manufacturing of the product.
  • One-time, special engineered product requirements can be accommodated.

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