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Plastic Surgery Software

Plastic Surgery Software:

Plastic Surgery Software is a software that is used by plastic surgery departments and centers to automate practice management, appointment management, scheduling, patient and insurance billing.
Some of the major challenges of plastic surgery provider such as graphic charting in your EHR, accommodating a variety of payment arrangements, inventory and sales tracking can be done more efficiently by using  Plastic Surgery Software.

Features and Benefits of Plastic Surgery Software:

The Plastic Surgery Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • A comprehensive EMR can be provided with the practice management software, which offer fully integrated marketing, customer contact and sophisticated patient tracking tools.
  • The software simplifies operational efficiency while generating more revenue for your practice.
  • A complete integrated solution can be provided to digitize your medical practice, streamline your workflow and maximize staff productivity.
  • The software lets you upload color images and annotate them with ease on your touch screen devices by recognizing the importance of images in plastic surgery practice.
  • All types of payment card including credit/debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, HSA and FSA are accepted in front office, back office and online in addition to processing insurance claims.
  • Your inventory can be tracked electronically and order, inventory as well as sales reports can be provided.
  • You will be able to improve your workflow and revenue with a fully integrated software.
  • Creating patient encounter notes becomes simple and easy.
  • An accurate superbill can be completed and submited in just a few clicks.
  • Time can be saved and phone calls can be eliminated for you and your staff with electronic prescribing.
  • Inefficient paper based processes can be automated and time can be saved.
  • Relevant education material can be provided to your patients at any time.
  • Intuitive dashboard can be used to manage tasks and customize your calendar.
  • Mobile app can be used to upload and annotate images from patient examinations and treatments easily
  • A high standard can be met for maintaining and sharing confidential data.
  • Everything you need to create notes, access critical information and navigate through your day with a new sense of speed and purpose can be found by using the software.
  • Automated marketing and front office tools can be provided to help you build your brand online and connect with patients. Patients can easily find you, choose you, promote you and keep coming back.
  • Your practice can easily manage patients and the complications that come with billing insurance by the help of the software that support your in-house billing process.
  • You can focus on running a successful practice, including patient care by Managed Billing. Faster payments can be collected with better insights, with medical billing experts you can trust.
  • It can import files form your existing practice management and EMR system and also helps you to scan, convert and import all of your paper files into our electronic, HIPAA-compliant database.
  • Your documents, marketing, email communication, scheduling, inventory, point of sale, photos, quoting, custom gift cards and much more can be managed.
  • Patients are provided with the option for automated appointment reminders.
  • Appointments can be quickly scheduled, patients in and out can be checked, and co-pays can be collected.
  • Diagnostics and labs can be easily tracked, your own email marketing campaigns can be created and you can have easy access to insurance billing and online referrals by uisng this software.
  • Costs can be reduced by spending less on paper and other products, and a more high-tech, streamlined way can be provided for your staff to keep track of patients.

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