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Pawn Shop Software

Pawn Shop Software:

Pawn Shop Software is a software that is used by pawnbrokers, precious metal traders, check cashing, payday loan and title loan businesses to automate store management and compliance tasks.
POS, store management, inventory management, reporting, customer history, and eCommerce capabilities can be included in the software.

Features and Benefits of Pawn Shop Software:

The Pawn Shop Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software helps streamline operations across inventory, reporting, customer payments, security and more.
  • A clean and simple interface can be provided that makes it easy to be more productive.  
  • You can engage your customers and improve the efficiency of your business operations by using this software.
  • Multiple transactions can be done for one customer with one checkout. You can take a pawn payment and make a sale at the same time.
  • You will be able to scan driver's license 2D barcodes for fast, accurate and easy customer entry.
  • As every transaction is recorded with a double entry bookkeeping system, an accurate, detailed reporting is allowed.
  • The MLA Check website can be auto-populated for you and the returned PDF can be saved to your customer's profile.
  • Your store inventory can be listed quickly and conveniently.
  • It helps new employees practice real transactions without touching your live data with complete stand-alone training system.
  • Customization is easy as you can create your own fields, item categories and templates. Your sales receipts can also be customozed with your logo, coupon or other promotional artwork.
  • The profit for business can be maximized and losses can be reduced.
  • Manual work can be reduced and your free time can be ncreased.
  • Profitability, productivity, efficiency and competitiveness can be improved.
  • Decision making can be quick and key information can be found fast.
  • Your customer information can be easily tracked in one place.
  • Better and more improved customer service levels satisfaction, overall improvement in business reporting and management can be provided.
  • The audit submitting process can be avoided by integrated accounting management.
  • Standard interest calculation can be done that keep away from income loss and man made error.
  • Your Gold loan finance or pawn broking finance business can be automated.
  • Complete information including Customer and Guarantors, as well as financial details, current status, Interest schedule, previous loan details, letters, loan transactions, and notes can be kept on every Loan giving you easy access on all inquiries.
  • Various type of Pawn Receipts such as Part Payment Receipt, Redemption Receipt can be generated.
  • Overdue Letters can be produced for early detection and auctioning of arrears. Letters ranging from mild reminders through to sale of non redeemed can be generated.
  • Penalty Interest can be calculated on Overdue Loans. Customer can be found quickly with advanced search provision.
  • The party status can be analyzed with Customer History and Party summary report.
  • Your pledged item inventory and customer information can be easily tracked in one place.
  • Comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly reports can be generated in various formats and can be exported to excel and Pdf formats, or Printed to Graphic or Draft.
  • Simple and Multiple Interest Scheme types and payment options as well as Multiple Unlimited Receipts at the same time can be provided.
  • The manuals can be avoided by the pawn broker with the help of integrated accounting, Re-pledging, Auctioning entry.
  • The pledged item can be kept with ease in Multiple location.
  • You can instantly view pledged jewel details including storage rack. You can also view pawner's other loans and payment history.  
  • Redemption and distribute received payment can be made over multiple loans is available within Party history itself.
  • Useful information like previous loans, payment history and pledged item details can be provided.

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