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License Management Software:

License Management Software is a software that is used to track software installed throughout the enterprise and ensures legal licensure for its usage.
Scanning, alerting and the procurement of new licenses can be automated by using this software. The use of unlicensed software can be uninstalled or blocked which help reduces the risk of fees for illegal use.

Features and Benefits of License Management Software:

The License Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The intellectual property can be protected against unauthorized copying and distribution for various Digital Rights Managed business applications by using License Management software.
  • Licenses can be locked to hardware for copy protection and the concurrent copies of your software can be controlled in the Cloud or on-premises by the license server.
  • It can be ensured that only customers with valid licenses can use your products.
  • As the information on the unauthorized software in the organization can be provided, the asset managers can act proactively to curb illegal usage and problems associated with it.
  • License optimization can be done. The process is cost saving where the usage of software can be tracked and aligned with the proper licensure spend.
  • Commercial software recognition can be automated. Tracking and alerting of license expiry can be done.
  • License compliance gap alerting, License reconciliation, Unauthorized software alert, Stakeholder notification of pending renewal, Bulk notification of unauthorized software, license change, Tracking of installed licenses, Tracking of licensure entitlements and Comparing installations to entitlements for ELP can be done by using this software.
  • Identification of license types such as trial, OEM, named user, etc. can be done.
  • All type of software licenses like OEM, concurrent, enterprise, free, named user, node locked, trial, CAL, volume and individual licenses can be supported.
  • A complete picture of Purchased Vs installed software can be provided for managing the software licenses.
  • The minor versions can be associated and software licenses can be allocated for all your Managed Software in the network.
  • It supports license agreements and notifies on the license expiry.
  • Software license compliance can be maintained and all the under-licensed, over-licensed and compliant software can be clearly tracked.
  • Alerts or notification can be send when an unauthorized software installation is detected, ensuring software compliance on an on-going basis.
  • It supports sending of bulk emails and notify all users using prohibited software before you proceed with the uninstall process.
  • Software information can be kept up to date and time can be saved during software audit process.
  • It can be ensured that your business complies with every relevant enterprise license and end-user license agreement (EULA).
  • Every critical hardware and software asset in the IT estate can be identified.
  • The list of discovered assets can be managed to keep it accurate and up to date.
  • The configuration of every critical IT asset can be documented and managed.
  • The lifecycle of each episode of disruption of asset availability or performance that occurs within the IT estate can be managed.
  • The lifecycle of identification and resolution of the underlying cause of every incident that affects the IT state can be managed
  • The lifecycle of every planned and requested change to any part of the IT estate can be managed.
  • Groupings of IT assets associated with specific functions, departments, or users can be done which is logical.
  • Accurate information about the connections that link assets to each other and to specific applications, services, or functions can be identified and maintained.
  • All cyber and physical protections implemented across the IT estate can be managed, and responses to all threats and vulnerabilities can be identified.
  • Clearly understood and actionable reports can be generated for requesting constituents, whether regularly scheduled or on-demand by consolidating IT estate events.
  • The cost and difficulties of quickly acquiring and deploying additional licenses when a shortfall is discovered can be avoided.

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