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Kennel Software

Kennel Software:

Kennel Software is a software that is used by the Pet Care industry to schedule, track, and store data related to pet boarding and daycare.
The software can be used by the companies to keep well-documented records of animals that will visit, have visited, and are visiting, and the information of their owners.

Features and Benefits of Kennel Software:

The Kennel Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Kennels details can be provided about their earnings and inventory.
  • Tools can be provided to track how much space a kennel business has at any time, past, present, and future.
  • Recurring customers can be identified, information about their visit history can be stored, and their payment history can be recorded by the users.
  • A database can be created of every animal that has visited their kennel in case of future needs.
  • The software can be integrated with online appointment scheduling tools to update their records and facilitate business needs.
  • It can also be integrated with software such as point of sale (POS) and billing software to facilitate payment processes.
  • Information about pet boarding and facilities can be stored.
  • Data about pet owners and their customer history can be recorded.
  • Future animal boarding can be scheduled and planed.
  • Real time availability can be shown with your open and closed times, and you will never miss out on a booking
  • Online payment can be received and receipts can be send automatically. A booking link can be added directly from your website or any social page in minutes.
  • Important information like vaccination dates or signed waivers for bookings can be requested.
  • Discounts, subscription services, additional services like extra walks or a pet wash before pick-up can be offered.
  • You can charge by day, by night or partial days with custom pickup or checkout times, or premium pricing periods can be added.
  • It can be sensibly and seamlessly integrated with your way of working into your online booking process.
  • Automatic confirmation and reminders email can be send and SMS text message booking reminders can be added to remind your busy customers of their upcoming bookings.
  • Your business can simplify, optimize, earn more, and save time with Kennel Software.
  • A snapshot of your entire day including arrivals, departures, appointments, and occupancy, can be provided in one place by easily accessible dashboard.
  • You can check pets in and out with one click, communicate with customers, print boarding cards, and easily search your records with the dashboard.
  • You can free up your precious time by user-friendly booking tool provided by the software which makes a reservation or check in a pet in just seconds. You can fill up every space at your facility with split bookings.
  • Advanced booking features can be provided for you and your customers' convenience with an intuitive reservation system.
  • Simple but powerful waitlists, vaccination alerts, automatic booking reminders, and flexible rates for discounts or upsells can be enjoyed.
  • The essential tasks can be completed by the clients at their convenience. customers can easily check availability, make one-time or repeating reservations for boarding, make payments, and both access and provide key information such as vaccination records and pet activity with the mobile-optimized portal.
  • Time can be saved by collecting payments for your kennel bookings right in Revelation Pets. Online and in-person payments can be easily processed by integrating with third party tool.
  • Outstanding invoices can be easily paid and credit packages can be purchased by the customer in a safe and secure online system.   
  • Information including arrivals and departures, occupancy, sales, vaccinations, bookings, payments, medical and dietary notes, and even birthdays can be covered by dynamic and customizable reports. Financial reports can be integrated seamlessly with the tools you already use.
  • Appointments for grooming, training, drivers, and more can be viewed, managed, and scheduled within the calendar provided by the software.
  • Your sales per service, payment type and date can be reviewed by powerful in-depth reporting.

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