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IWMS Software:

An Integrated Workplace Management System or IWMS Software that combines integrated functionality for the management of real estate, space planning, asset and maintenance, integrated services, and sustainability.
A range of different solutions and mobile applications can be natively integrated by using IWMS software.

Features and Benefits of IWMS Software:

The IWMS Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The charge of real estate expenditure and cost savings can be taken by corporate real estate management software, maintenance management or lifecycle management and lower level employees in various departments with IWMS software.
  • Future moves can be planned, current space utility data can be analyzed and even basic administrative tasks, such as assigning desks to new employees or locating coworkers within a large office space can be performed.
  • The work of managing and planning the physical space in an office such as seating scenario planning, employee finder tools, Slack integration, and scenario analysis can be done by office managers, department heads and even part time, junior level employees and team members.
  • The individuals in your office space who are not necessarily part of your team can also use IWMS Software.
  • Maintenance and janitorial staff can get plugged into an IWMS system to plan their activities around the business function needs of your core team.
  • Better and more informed decisions regarding maintenance operations, space utilization, and energy efficiency analytics can be made by the reports gained from IWMS software.
  • A central database relating to all the different real estate and physical assets across different continents can be maintained by a multinational manufacturing business with the help of IWMS software.
  • Expenditures and utility usage can be tracked as part of an effort to lower operating costs
  • All your data points can be brought together for a synthesized analytical approach that makes the pursuit of efficiency more efficient.
  • The real estate assets of the company can be managed and elements such as leasing agreements, planning, and proposals, property management, and tax management can be included.
  • All of the resources and assets of a business can be maximized by way of an integrated software platform in which information can be shared.
  • It help save a business money and time in order to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • The energy usage can be measured and other energy related costs can be tracked to identify areas in which they experience more waste.
  • The facility can gains the control over the systems like the air conditioning, lighting, and ventilation by integrating environmental sustainability application with the buildings management systems.
  • The energy consumption of the business can be analyzed which help a business determine in which areas they need to provide additional maintenance or attention. This helps to ensure that their energy costs are reduced, and all planned preventative maintenance is being done as it should be.
  • Assets management and the infrastructure of the business can be maintained and improved by capital Project Management.
  • IWMS Software can be beneficial in gaining awareness and increased productivity within the workplace.  
  • The industrial elements of a business can be visually assessed by the operations and facilities management professionals to see how compatible they are so that more informed decisions can be made regarding the space and asset management of the facility.

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