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Investment Management Software:

Investment Management Software is a software that is used to automate wealth, portfolio, and financial asset management.
Portfolio aggegation can be automated, manual execution can be eliminated and risk management can be automated by using Investment Management Software.

Features and Benefits of Investment Management Software:

The Investment Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Real time investment management analytics and data can be provided to help improve decision making.
  • The resources you need to manage and optimize your investment performance can be delivered and your operational agility can be increased.
  • The automated software helps you overcome various industry challenges including regulations, reporting and client demands while supporting new asset classes and geographies.
  • Manual processes and costs can be reduced as well as risk can be mitigated. It also helps to break down silos across your firm as data flows in real time between the front and back office.
  • Accurate and timely reports for clients, regulators or any other stakeholders can be created so that your team members get free up time to prioritize alpha generating activities.
  • Your investment portfolio performance can be optimized as you have the ability to add new funds, update tax and accounting regulations and reporting requirements with little or no additional cost, which will hwlp improving your cost-to-income ratios as you grow.
  • Improved analytics can be provided to support your investment decisions.  A single version of truth can be provided, so the same set of data is used by your traders, compliance officers and risk managers. So the investing decisions are based on the best possible information by using  the same set of data used throughout your company.
  • The legal environment can be continuously monitored to identify and include regulatory requirements into the software.
  • The scalability and flexibility provided by the software enables you to manage unlimited number of holdings, portfolios, what-if scenarios and strategies across multiple geographies.
  • New asset types, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes can be accommodated without a corresponding increase in costs.
  • The software support effective monitoring, including intra-day liquidity tracking, exposure calculations and asset tracking by providing a single view of truth across the entire book of business.
  • Intraday liquidity can be managed, collateral management can be automated and optimized, operational risk and costs can be controlled, market movements can be proactively monitored by using this software. It also support regulatory compliance and other industry standards, and process all asset classes across the front, middle, and back office with one system.
  • The insurance investment managers can execute strategically with accurate and timely data.
  • Operational efficiencies including resource intensive reporting processes, error prone manual work, and forecasting can be eliminated based on a specific accounting and regulatory framework.
  • The transparency and overview you need to make the most informed investment decisions can be provided.
  • Data can be integrated and reconciled with other systems to generate consistent and accurate performance measurement, NAV calculations, and accurate reports.
  • Personnel requirements can be reduced, manual processes can be eliminated, exception processing can be minimized, and your costs per member can be reduced.
  • Correct and consistent quantification of risk can be ensured across asset classes by applying the same risk models to all data.
  • The need for you to validate and reconcile data can be reduced or eliminated from disparate systems ensuring that analysis and reporting is based on the best possible foundation.
  • Risk can be effectively and accurately assessed and reported to all stakeholders including management, clients and authorities using industry standard key ratios.
  • It will help make all your employees risk managers by  eliminating manual processes and ensuring decisions are based on up-to-date and accurate data.

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