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Inspection Software

Inspection Software:

Inspection Software is a software that is uses forms and checklists, data collection, inspection reports, and appointment management tools to automate the process of many types of residential or commercial inspections.
All your inspection tasks such as creating forms and checklists, scheduling inspections, recording results and tracking corrective actions to completion can be streamlined by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Inspection Software:

The Inspection Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Inspection data can be managed in a secure, centralized system. You will be able to quickly identify trends by real time reports summarize inspection information at a glance and configurable charts and graphs.
  • Consistent inspection data can be recorded across the organization by providing easy access to web-based inspection forms and checklists to users across departments, facilities and locations.
  • Follow-up tasks related to inspection findings can be easily identified and assigned. Their completion can be ensured with escalating email notifications and dashboards that display completed, pending and overdue tasks.
  • It can be ensured that all legally required inspections are completed with scheduling functionality and automatic reminders. This simplify the process of meeting all applicable standards either local, national or international.
  • Your inspection forms and checklists can be accessed remotely from any location. Inspections can be performed directly from the floor or the field on your mobile device in offline mode also.
  • Your inspections and audit scheduling can be organized and simplified. It helps you stay organized and manage team utilization by calendar views with drag and drop inspection scheduling. Planned or overdue activities can be quickly viewed.
  • Simple forms and checklists as well as more complex options such as multiple sections, conditional logic, mandatory questions, photo requirements and more can be created.
  • Questionnaires can be structured for compliance assessment, quantitative scoring, or both.
  • Inspections can be tied up with follow up actions like corrective actions, and results can be evaluated with a rich reporting engine.
  • Multiple forms can be included in a single inspection, as well as optional items like a signature, invoice, or on-site timekeeping.
  • Schedule can be viewed months ahead, and instant notifications of updates can be received by the inspector using Mobile Inspection Software which, help them stay organized.
  • Forms can be automatically optimized for mobile. You can work offline and sync data when back online. Inspection drafts can be stored on the device. Images can be added to specific checklist items. You can annotate and label images, add material, labor and overhead costs or estimates.
  • A quick access to all information about any customer, location, site or entity across inspections, tickets, and work orders can be provided.
  • High- level inspection overviews can be  quickly drill down to detailed information about issues and non-compliance.
  • Reports can be send with photos, estimates, and invoices, directly to your customers.
  • The software runs on a modern and highly secure infrastructure and you have complete control on all the information added by you and your team.
  • Regular data backups can be taken which are encrypted and stored for quick retrieval when needed.

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