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File Sync Software:

File Sync Software is a software that is used to create and manage backup copies of all your important files.
File sync software can solve the issues related to security and confidentiality, accuracy, real time management, complexity and accessibility with in an organization. It also help you in eliminating the problems within your organization like miscommunication, errors, frauds, delays, and inevitable losses.

Features and Benefits of File Sync Software:

The File Sync Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The copies of on-premise data can be stored on other devices or cloud.
  • Files can be automatically copied or deleted as required to ensure that two or more locations have the same set of data.  
  • The differences between a source and a target folder is determined by a File Sync Software and only the minimum amount of data required will be transferred instead of copying every file every time.
  • The software can ensure that files are updated at various locations under a certain rule in real time so that the documents can be created, edited, and managed by teams working at different locations.
  • It can be ensured that two or more data storage devices, computers, or programs will have the same information at a given time.
  • It can also be ensured that there is no ambiguity or confusion within the processes of an organization by storing identical data on both the devices so that the latest information is accessed when required.
  • As the file synchronization process is simple and secure, it can be ensured that all the issues relating to data security and compliance of your organization are eliminated, and competent products and services can be delivered to the clients.
  • It help increasing performance and productivity by eliminating data conflicts that would have created errors otherwise.
  • Consistency within systems can be ensured by synchronizing data between two or more devices and updating changes automatically.
  • As the software has cross-Platform Compatibility, files and folders can be organized using any device with either Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms. So, files can be accessed quickly by your team members without any restrictions.
  • An unlimited number of files and data volumes are allowed to synchronize. It also allow unlimited number of users to synchronize the data.
  • An old version file can be recovered or deleted easily by using file sync software. Snapshots can also be taken for files and folders to restore the required data, so that there is no risk of loosing any important data created in the past.
  • You can restrict users from editing or updating the data which is not required to, by locking files and folders. Therefore, conflict file creation by the system can be avoided that would have confused the users otherwise.
  • The team collaboration can be made seamless and confusions can be eliminated as the software help you in monitoring your data by providing the information relating to who accessed and updated the files, the specific permissions given to the users, and changes in those permissions, etc..
  • Features like data encryption, virus scan, two-factor authentication, etc., are provided to protect your data from malicious attacks and suspicious access.
  • User permissions for data access can be set up, and the data can be protected with password authentication.
  • The software can be integrated with other applications and tools to ease the job of synchronizing data located on multiple devices and platforms.

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