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Exam Software:

Exam Software is a software that is used to create and conduct computer based online examination.
The examination can also be administered using conventional method by printing the question papers. It can be used by teachers and college or university professors to manage question papers very easily. The software can be used by recruiting agencies and companies for skills evaluation of candidates before hiring them. Own eLearning study material and quize can be created by parents for academic development of kids.

Features of Exam Software:

Features of Exam Software include:

  • All your preparation worries regarding either examination or recruitment can be solved by Exam Software that provides a smooth to use platform with a translational flow of information.
  • 24/7 streamlined access can be provided to the technical experts by a team of dedicated resources to strive triggered support.
  • Features like simple registration, easy test and quiz creation, signing- in, synchronized processing, secured encoding and decoding of information and many more are provided by the highly interactive interface.
  • Scorecard can be generated instantly by advanced reporting system. Computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing can be done to boost up your performance and precision.
  • Tests and quiz can be created and assigned from anywhere at any time.
  • The computer and browser of the candidates can be locked so that they cannot exit the exam page to browse elsewhere during the examination.
  • Exams can be monitored live as the video of users can be recorded through their webcam while they are taking exams.
  • An exam builder is provided by the software that is fully integrated with an advanced question bank. With the help of this configuration, you will be able to create exams with time limits, multiple sections, audio or video questions and open ended questions. You can setup it in such a manner so that user can or cannot move forward or backward through the exam. Sections, pages, questions and choices can be shuffled and questions can be randomly picked from a list of questions in the question bank.
  • Multi-stage assessments can be created with each stage being another exam of your selection.
  • After meeting your preconditions, applicants can automatically flow from one exam to another without the need of any human administration.
  • Multiple language support, unlimited simultaneous examinations, accounts with different roles and responsibilities, advanced e-mail communication module are some of the enterprise features that companies use very frequently.
  • A completely online environment can be offered by the software where a student can register on the portal and give the exam. The student can also check his/her answers as well as correct answers after the exam.

Benefits of Exam Software:

Benefits of using an online examination software include:

  • The software is a better option for distance learning as students have the option to take up tests from anywhere with a good internet connection. Exams can be defined with multiple schedules and multiple time zones. So, exams can be take up by the students, the way they want across geographical boundaries.
  • Instructors could evaluate from anywhere.
  • Various exams for various subjects and for multiple courses can be pre-set and can be configured at 24/7 availability. Therefore, the students have the option to attend exams at their own convenience.
  • Question banks can be created for various courses and necessary files, documents, and media can be uploaded under them by the faculties. Assessment creation is easy with this shared repository with built-in templates. Assessments can be uploaded, shared and tracked with a single click, and reminders can be send to students to complete them.  
  • Students can be evaluated with a wide variety of questions on a single subject in interesting formats including quizzes, MCQs, long papers, article submission, questionnaires, surveys, objective types, etc provided by the software so that they get to concentrate better on topics in which they need improvement through practice and preparation.
  • All the questions are generated from the database and is accessible only by authorized personnel. There are no chances for question paper leakages as the question paper gets stored in a digitally encrypted format. So, the confidentiality of exams is maintained.
  • The questions can be shuffled in different order for different set of students.
  • As results can be delivered instantly. the workload of faculty and admin can be reduced significantly.

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