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Embedded Analytics Software:

Embedded Analytics Software is a software that provides analytics capabilities within the context of a business application by integrating analytical capabilities with the applications already in use. It allows the user to access analytical tools from within these applications.
The dashboards can be embedded into applications used internally by employees by the software to allow for easier and more convenient analysis. The software can be used by developers to quickly incorporate self service analytics capabilities into business applications. Developers are provided with a software development kit using which they can add analytics functionality to a given application, which makes it easier to keep the analytics inside a proprietary product. Usually, the software is used by the average business user within an application, therefore they commonly offer self-service analysis functionality.

Benefits of Embedded Analytics Software:

The benefits of Embedded Analytics Software include:

  • As you embed reporting into your product, you can collaborate better and ensure continuity. As your complete workflow can be managed with true version history and an agile development process, the workflow of your developer can be boosted.
  • Product-market fit with APIs for all your data can be improved by custom embedded analytics applications. A a spectrum of developer tools is provided for rapid prototyping and iteration which help deliver better data products faster.
  • You will be able to grow your revenue by offering governed, robust experiences in your premium products with embedded analytics software. Your development and maintenance costs of data app can be minimized as resources can be focused on core competencies.
  • Performance can be maintained from a single point as you will be able to make  changes to your embedded reporting easily as you grow. As your model can be governed in one place, the metric definitions and user permissions can be auto-update everywhere.     
  • Embedded reporting experiences can be build that allow your customers to drill down, explore, schedule alerts and ask the next question of their data. A complete control is provided by robust APIs, SDKs and a library of popular integrations. Hence self-serve data experiences can be gained.
  • Your app authorization and authentication can be shared with the dashboard and you will be able to log in once with one common login.
  • The data analysis occurs within the natural workflow of a user without the need to toggle to another application.
  • The software can be used to simplify Business Intelligence by embedding it directly into operational applications and business processes. It uses the reporting and analytic capabilities in transactional business applications.
  • The software can be sold as an OEM product to other software development organizations to be embedded within their application.
  • It can be  used by developers to embed analytics capabilities inside a business application.
  • Data can be consumed from any source.
  • Data can be transformed into a useful and relatable model embedded within a business application by the users.
  • A full range of analytics use cases can be supported by the software which include visualization of self-service, exploration of guided analytics apps and dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, and reporting.
  • Reports and visualizations can be created with business utility embedded within a business application.

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