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Digital Signature Software:

Digital Signature Software is a software that allows the sender to sign a document digitally using the public key infrastructure (PKI) mechanism, which is verifiable by a Certificate Authority. The Digital signature uses certain algorithms and mathematical computations to generate a code when an individual signs a document using the public key infrastructure method. The code is attached to a document that is to be signed and is called as a digital signature.
The storing and managing digital keys, certificates, and other encrypted documents is done by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The certifications related to the authenticity of the signatory is provided by certificate authorities which are trusted third parties.
Critical business documents can be signed and validate conveniently. Regardless of the physical location, whether in office or when working remotely, business documents can be signed digitally eliminating the need of any paper work. The below things can be done by using a digital signature software:

  • Tracking of signed documents.
  • Checking and validating the authenticity of the signed documents.
  • Access can be Provided to documents as and when required.
  • Information about the progress of documents waiting for electronic signature can be Provided.
  • A comprehensive summary of electronic evidence for online digital signatures can be Provided.
  • An embedded audit trail of the entire electronic signature process can be Provided.
  • The time involved in operational communication can be reduced.
  • Workflow issues related to absent of an individual required for the completion of process can be solved as the person can sign the document digitally from anywhere.
  • As it is very difficult to forge a digital signature which has so many layers of security, it is safer than the traditional one done in paper.
  • Digital signatures have authenticity and high level security criteria as they follow Public Key Infrastructure security level.
  • Thousands of document can be signed with in a couple of seconds by digital signature software when there is a requirement to send documents to a huge number of customer with the signed document by the highest authority.  

Digital signature solution help making people more compliant and reduce manual efforts altogether. Any processes became more efficient and reliable with automation.

Features of Digital Signature Software:

  • Digital Signature Software manages the full lifecycle of each transaction, from creating and sending documents to signing and managing them.
  • The security features ensures the authenticity of digitally signed documents.
  • The traceability features help tracking the complete life cycle of each document with end-to-end automation which makes the audit compliance easier.
  • The comprehensible document storage feature help storing, reviewing and accessing documents with minimal manual input.
  • Digital Signature Software automates the business processes for intelligent routing and distribution of documents.
  • It prioritize fast implementation and smoothly scale up the existing architecture to accelerate critical business processes.

Benefits of Digital Signature Software:

Digital documentation is the best solution to reduce the time and money spent in manual paper work. Various digital signature software can be used to reduce the documentation costs. It also reduces the

  • cost of buying paper and registers
  • costs involved in creating, duplication and circulating of the paper documents
  • space costs as a significant portion of the office space is required to store paper documents
  • time and labor cost spent in search of the lost documents
  • time and employee cost spent in filing the documents and retrieving paper documents from a cluster of files
  • printing costs including the repair and maintenance costs for the devices used for it such as fax machines, printers, and xerox machines
  • storage costs for buying cabinets and shelves
  • digital signature software is efficient in keeping digital documents safe, secure, and authentic.
  • It is eco-friendly as there is no need of paper.
  • risk and damages involved when the paper document that went missing and was never found
  • costs due to negligence in handling paper thereby causing its fraudulent misuse.

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