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Dermatology Software

Dermatology Software:

Dermatology Software is a software that is used to automate patient care, appointment management, scheduling, billing, and inventory management for dermatology practices to eliminate paperwork and improve clinical productivity.

Features and Benefits of Dermatology Software:

There are several features of Dermatology Software that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • As editable Flow sheets are available for each individual treatment, it helps to maintain checklists at the point of care and note down treatment details. So, even the therapist can provide consistent level of service and care to Patients at your Clinic in the absence of Doctors. All your paper based forms can be converted into EMR digital sheets.
  • You can now know the Past Medical history, Family History, Key Vital Trends, Current Treatment Plans and Important Investigations of the Patient, without turning a single page, or a single click from Patient Medical Summary which also highlights automatically key bits of the chart of Patient. So, you will be prepared for Patient visits with one glance.
  • Multiple before and after Images can be stored from various angles and those can be associated with each Package, as well as with each Treatment Sitting.
  • Any type of Image for a Patient can be uploaded, and draw on them. You can also annotate and highlight right on the image and save it against the record of your Patient.
  • The software also ensure that the image sizes are optimized automatically by its in-built auto-compression and resizing algorithms.
  • A wide variety of personalized Packages can be created by combining multiple services and products from your inventory.
  • Left-Digit Pricing is available to help better sell the Packages to your Patients. As the tax calculations are completely in-built, each Services or Products can be combined with different tax rates. The entire breakup will be computed internally.
  • The number of days of interval between each treatment sitting can be specified, based on which appointments can be auto-scheduled and SMS reminders are sent to Patient with no processing from your end. You can also manually override the system at any step as it provides the flexibility to do so.
  • Every item related to finance can be tracked and updated whenever an item is serviced, billed or paid for.
  • Scheduling appointment is easier with this software. It filter out services by Patient gender, showing only the relevant one. It also tracks and remind the Receptionist about the incomplete package items, or money owed to the Clinic while booking appointments for a Patient.
  • The software help register the new patient, schedule their appointment and put them in the waiting room queue. It frees up your Receptionist by providing better customer service. It also help create an impression of high efficiency and productivity before your Patients at your Dermatology Clinic.
  • It can handle scheduling of Doctors, Multiple Doctors, Multiple Doctors with across Treatment Rooms, or any other combination you require.
  • Auto SMS and Email appointment reminders can be sent both for Patients and Doctors.
  • The software can be integrated with EMR, so that you can see the product availability in real time at the Pharmacy when you prescribe to the Patient.
  • Your Pharmacy receives a copy in real-time once you have issued a prescription so that the pharmacist can now generate a bill, reduce inventory by stock sold, and fill in the prescription.
  • Sales can be increased and inventory wastage can be reduced  with a completely integrated Inventory Management, EMR and Pharmacy.

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