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Data Discovery Software

Data Discovery Software:

Data Discovery Software is a software that is used to discover, collect, classify and present data based on specific criteria.
The skills in understanding data relationships and data modeling is very essential in data discovery. It also require the proper utilization of data analysis and advanced analytics functions guidance to reveal insights.

Features and Benefits of Data Discovery Software:

There are several features of Data Discovery Software that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The sensitive data across your entire organization can be managed even if data usage is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving.
  • A clear picture of how your data is being stored, processed, and shared in near real time can be provided.
  • All data can be discovered without relying upon the organization's incomplete knowledge of the existence or location of the data.
  • Sensitive data, misused or misplaced copies, and data that is transmitted to unknown or unauthorized destinations can be identified by data discovery software. Both structured or unstructured sensitive data can be discovered by using network analytics.
  • All your data can be discovered automatically without relying on any organizational knowledge or preconceived notions.
  • The sensitive data of your company can be cataloged continuously and accurately.
  • More information about your data can be gathered that helps your organization lower the risk, monetize it and protect it, while maintaining compliance.
  • You can also identify redundant and duplicate data in the process of data classification. Storage costs can be saved by reducing the footprint of all your data and closing up potential security risk outliers.
  • The unstructured sensitive data  is particularly vulnerable to hackers as it is hiding among lots of other data. The software makes it easier to protect with easier policy creation and application of protection methods by classification.
  • The valuable and sensitive data, either structured or unstructured can be discovered by using data analytics, file analysis, machine learning (ML), and other automation techniques. So, data can be found and associated with data subjects that makes it easier for you to decide if you want to protect it.
  • Your enterprise data can be secured independent of applications, databases, and platforms that enable you to take complete control of sensitive data and therefore compliance costs can be lowered and the risk of data breaches can be reduced.
  • Business users can be targeted and a code free environment can be provided for data discovery.
  • Access to a good set of data sources is supported.
  • Data preparation and modeling capabilities such as join data from different sources can be provided.
  • Visual and easy to digest representations of data is supported.
  • Interactive navigation within visualizations is allowed.
  • Analytics features to support statistical analyses is also provided.
  • Insights can be shared with other colleagues.
  • Data preparation, analysis and analytics can be seamlessly integrated.
  • A high volume and variety of data can be easily handled. The large amount and increasing variety of data require more efficient and user oriented methods of presentation to make sense of them which is provided by the software.
  • The software is easy to use as it is code free and does not dependent on deep technical or statistical knowledge.
  • Users can gain insight as quickly as possible and act on it that help reduces time to insight.
  • Users can find answers to their questions without relying on the help of IT to set up a complex environment prior working with the data as the software is agile and flexible.

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