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Credentialing Software

Credentialing Software:

Credentialing Software is used to keeps medical organizations and hospitals compliant by automating and simplifying the process of vendor, facility, and insurance provider credentialing.
The process used to assess the educational background, training, and practice history of a medical provider is known as credentialing. As all the work previously done by using stacks of paper forms, spreadsheets, and emails are automated by the credentialing software, it helps the healthcare providers save time, money, and minimize errors. The manual process of verifying, screening, and generating contracts, applications, and other forms can be automated by the software to  stay compliant with health care facility policies and requirements.

Features and Benefits of Credentialing Software:

There are several features of Credentialing Software that can benefit the user in many ways. Some of these include:

  • The software can be used for healthcare organizations of any size to guarantee compliance insurance and risk mitigation.
  • The front as well as back health care office operations and workflows can be optimized by Credentialing Software.
  • The records of healthcare providers can be stored and managed in a healthcare credentialing software for healthcare organizations. The software also ensures that the health care provider have the essential licenses and certificates to work as a medical practitioner.
  • An assurance can be provided to the patient that they are in qualified and competent hands by the credentialing process.
  • The health care organizations for audits can be prepared and all information can be securely stored. It can also be ensured that all documents and accreditation are easy to find.
  • Access can be provided to updated and accurate provider information.
  • Time consuming processes such as primary source verification and committee review can be automated.
  • Patient data can be privileged and centralized.
  • Expiration dates for employee certifications, contract, licenses, insurance and many more can be automatically tracked that help keeping organizations compliant all the time.
  • Reports can be easily generated for the status of provider credentials, certifications, renewal dates, and other critical information.
  • The teams can easily get started and effectively collaborate.
  • The software can adhere to industry and facility specific requirements.
  • Professional development can be inspired by creating learning activities and documentation requests directly in the software.
  • Employees progress is enhanced through learning activities and develop skills.
  • Activities can be assigned to individuals or teams by the managers and the reward progress can be measured.
  • It can manage competency, track credentials and automatically be notified of expiration and renewals. Thus, can reduce risk across the organization
  • It can be deployed as a cloud based or on-premise application.
  • The software can be integrated with other software products as required with Easy Setup.
  • The software is compliant with all state and federal regulatory requirements by providing resources, a process, and a mechanism so that important information can be stored and retrieved when required. It also provides documentation that eliminates the need for binders and multiple systems or methods.
  • Everything including  learning, compliance, credentialing, and accreditation is under one roof with the software.
  • As the physicians of your organization are up-to-date on their licenses and insurance, you will be compliant and run your operation smoothly.
  • Credentialing efficiency can be increased with easier facilitation of delegation with payers, and improved data integrity by the use of centralized credentialing which results in boosting revenue cycle management.
  • The employees and the providers of your organization can use the credentialing system on any digital device with complete security.
  • Provider data can be shared accurately and efficiently with multiple health plans as the software can be integrated with provider credentialing information from CAQH which is a non-profit association of health insurers that collects and maintains a database of provider credentialing data.
  • As it allow for the use of electronic forms and e-signatures, the software is helpful in saving time and cost.
  • The peer review process can be run smoothly by acquiring, combining, and saving feedback for the provider obtained from peers by the software.

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