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Chiropractic Software

Chiropractic Software

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Chiropractic Software:

Chiropractic Software is a software that is used to manage both administrative and medical aspects of chiropractic treatments including practice management, billing, scheduling, patient care and reporting for chiropractic offices.

Features of Chiropractic Software:

Chiropractic Software include various features that help you manage revenue, find and retain patients, remain compliant, and practice growth. Some of the common features of this software include:

  • Posture and overall health data of a patient can be collected by the software to help chiropractors to recommend appropriate treatments.
  • The treatments offered to patients can be tracked and reported by chiropractic employees by using this software.
  • The software also include back office features for marketing or billing, as well as electronic health records.
  • It can also be  integrated with medical billing, accounting, or payment processing software to offer offer billing functionality to manage invoices. This also help accessing the required information about the patients.
  • The software streamlines all business processes including patient scheduling, reporting and documentation, and billing.
  • Since the software is modular based and is customizable, it allows a user to choose exactly what they need from the system.
  • The users will be able to enter an unlimited number of transactions on a single screen.
  • Any past due balances that a patient might have can be tracked to initiate the payment by sending reminders.
  • Insurance payments are automatically saved in the system.
  • Billing, collections, and patient information can be managed by pre-built reports.
  • The front-desk provides a user friendly scheduling application which has a intuitive interface that provides visibility on all appointments for the day, including the status of missed and kept appointments.
  • More flexibility can be provided to office staff over how and when they schedule appointments by the automated process.
  • The software also supports inventory management and point of sale.

Benefits of Chiropractic Software:

The benefits of using Chiropractic Software include:

  • Patient appointments can be managed by taking into account the availability of practitioner.
  • The posture of patients and recommend treatments can be evaluated.
  • Different types of treatments and the relationships between them can be managed
  • Various reports can be generated and analytics on the progress of treatments can be provided.
  • Mobile features are included for easier interactions with patients and note taking.
  • All type of documents and images can be shared with the patients by the practitioners.
  • Strong business relationships can be build by considering the requirement of patients.
  • You will be able to discover more solutions and  focus on other things as the processing of specific tasks will be done online.
  • There is no need to to fill forms, paper records and collect them as everything will be done automatically which help saving lot of time.
  • As the software brings the operations of your whole office into one interface that is esy to use, it make work easier for the staff. The Chiropractic records are always saved and it also have electronically saved documentation as back-up.
  • The software automatically back-ups all the data every single day and ensure the safety of the data in case of any kind of disaster. So, there is no risk of loosing the information and data you recorded.
  • Insurance information forms about their patients and the advice reports can be found by the healthcare billers which make billing in the office simpler and save the time.Patients will be able to pay faster, and you are informed about all overdue bills, those being collected, and everything else concerning bills by electronically processing.
  • The automatic check in alerts, and text reminders send by the software using the marketing tool will help you connect with each patient easily whether in your office or outside.

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