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Corporate Wellness Software

Corporate Wellness Software:

Corporate Wellness Software helps organizations to organize, manage, and administer wellness programs for their employees. It helps the organizations to create and launch their own workplace health and wellness program for encouraging the employees to take up a healthier lifestyle.
It provide initiatives for the organizations that help motivate their employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. As the main purpose of these tools is to shift the work culture toward health while simultaneously creating a social support system for employees, organizations of all size can benefit from corporate wellness software. Educating about health, confidential assessments of health, participation of employee and tracking of their progress, incentives and rewards, mobile solutions for easy use and many more can be included in Corporate wellness software. The software can be integrated with core HR software to simplify management for administrators and benefits administration software to provide convenient access to employees. Corporate wellness software can be used in conjunction with financial wellness software for a comprehensive wellness initiative which can provide financial health solutions as well as mental and physical wellness for employees. The Corporate Wellness Software contains a health library, and a wellness program delivery and management systems.

Features and Benefits of Corporate Wellness Software:

There are several features of Corporate Wellness Software that can benefit the user in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Features like step count, nutrition tracker, calorie counter and many more can be included in the software to help encourage adopting a healthy lifestyle. Many other activities can be tracked like running,etc.
  • The software can educate and create awareness through videos, books, webinars, biometric results to help individuals understand the importance of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is helpful in conducting confidential Personal Health Assessment and a biometric screening that create awareness for the aspects of your lives for improvement. Your personal health risks can be reported and the results from your biometric screening can be understood.
  • Individual health data can be assessed, recommendations can be given for improving the lifestyle, and people can be encouraged to improve by using this software.
  • Program participation and individual health behaviors can be tracked so that the personal wellness goals can be accomplished. All these information can be aggregated as a live report which can be viewed in a single dashboard by individuals and administrators.  
  • As the software is available on a computer as well as a mobile device, it allows every employee to participate in every aspect of their program and makes it easy for employees to engage in your wellness program which will help them stay motivated to have healthier lives.
  • The entire process of validating, tracking, and fulfilling wellness program incentives can be automated by using Corporate Wellness Software so the tracking and administration of wellness rewards is simplified.
  • The software is useful in demonstrating how to be healthy through video or live meeting. It is a teaching tools to provide people the skills and know how to transform their lives.  
  • It provide tools to design, administer, and manage corporate wellness programs.
  • Reporting tools are included that help measure activity and program effectiveness.
  • As it is available for both iOS and Android platforms, the employers can run their own customized employee health campaigns and incentivize the employees.

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