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Community Software:

Community Software is a software that create a space for sharing ideas, collecting opinions, storing Q&A data, and interacting with fellow customers and business representatives which help connecting businesses with their customers.
It does not require any coding, software, or servers. The Community Software is fully customizable, single sign on and can be embedded into your website with robust security controls. The activity feed, groups, and gamification tools will help to connect, engage, and retain users. Members of the community software will be able to discuss on any topic, ask questions, answer, create polls, vote, comment, upload videos, and create different types of posts. The Community Software is a self-service solutions that allows you to setup and customize a community yourself.

Benefits of Community Software:

There are several reasons you should consider utilizing community software. Some of these include:

  • You have the control over all the features you want to add or remove to your platform when you build your online community using a community software.
  • You have the freedom to pick and choose the modules that work best for the type of community you want to build and based on your customer insights strategy, you will get the insights that you want to collect.
  • Your business requirements or customer needs might change overtime. The software is flexible enough to make changes in your goals by giving you freedom to add or remove modules as you see fit. Therefore, you can customize the software to meet the specific requirements of the business when it changes.
  • A community can be build both internally or externally. You will be able to create an internal social intranet, a private social network for employees or a discussion forum for your customers by including features like chat, private messaging, file sharing, forums and activity streams.
  • The user experience and technical functionality can be tailored through plug-ins and REST APIs and even the finer details can be modified to deliver the required functionality for your organization.
  • The software help you develop a strong relationship with your community member as you can interact with the members by yourself. This closeness will help you develop better relationships with your customers, giving you deeper insight into their experiences and expectations of your organization as well.
  • You will be able to cut down on the time taken to complete tasks and communicate by providing a digital space in which people can share, collaborate and work together. This include the features like chat, private messages, forums, wikis, blogs and much more that will help you grow your business
  • You will be able to get an insight into the way your customer think when you open up different types of communities, such as discussion forums by providing a place to keep their opinion, ask for help and engage with other potential customers.
  • Problems can be resolved openly by an open interaction with your customer. This will give you an opportunity to gain insights and the public will be able to see your business acting as an open, inclusive organization, that will help building a favorable reputation.

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